What Should You Know About Shutters?

Shutters for windows not only dampen the light when it is time to sleep, but also perform other important functions in your home.

A shutter protects against the sun, burglars, unwanted glances and ensures better insulation. In this article, we will provide some tips and information about the shutters that are needed for your purchase.

Shutters Protect Against Intruders

There are many kinds of protections against intrusion at home, starting with bars and ending with alarm systems.

A very good way to protect yourself and the house is using shutters (do not confuse with louvers). Whether it is mechanical or electric roller shutters, it offers secure protection at home.

The Insulating Effect Of Shutters

And not only that! A shutter ensures privacy, protect against noise and also serves as thermal insulation.

A shutter in the bedroom offers absolute darkness. And as for thermal insulation and energy saving: with a distance of 10 cm between window and wall, shutter reduces the external temperature of 8 to 10 degrees.

So if the whole house is equipped with shutters and if that is closed at night, it saves a lot of heating costs in the winter.

The house which is located near or directly along a busy main road, near a school or something like that, is often affected by the noise which can be significantly reduced by a shutter. For discoloration of furniture from the sun, a shutter offers adequate protection.

Intrusion Prevention Shutters

However, the main reason to mount a shutter is protection against intrusion. To protect a house optimal with shutters, it is important that the thickness is proportional to the window size. A sprung suspension automatically prevents a shutter from being pushed up.

Violent dismantling of the shutter causes a lot of noise. Depending on the quality, the price can vary from about € 200 per square meter to several hundred euros.

Electronically Or Manually Operated Shutters?

The time that your shutters need muscle power to pull up is long gone. In the meantime, roller shutters can also be electronically operated and have a motor that is taken over the human labor.

But everything new is really better? Some advantages and disadvantages of electronic and manual shutters, we have put together here.

The Advantages Of Mechanical Shutters

  • The biggest advantage of electronically controlled shutters is obvious: eliminate the physical effort and it creates a certain degree of comfort. Especially for large window frames, in which the hoisting of heavy shutters nevertheless is associated with a certain effort, this is a relief. A small push of a button and the shutter completely slips naturally into the desired position.
  • Also to deter thieves, an electronically controlled shutter is a very effective means. Use a timer to close and open as desired in the program. Even if the occupants are on holiday or a weekend break, in this way, the property is occupied.
  • In the cold season, you can also save valuable energy for a closed shutter which also has an insulating effect. And in the evening that you have to work a little longer, electronically controlled shutters close at the break of dusk naturally keep valuable heat in the house.

The Disadvantages Of Mechanically Operated Shutters

  • As obvious disadvantage, it can be argued that the purchase cost of electronically controlled shutters are much higher.
  • Also, the sensitivity to interference of the electronics is of course higher than the wear of a manual version. For transfer costs, maintenance and repairs, it must cost a lot more for the wallet.
  • Moreover, it usually only be performed by qualified personnel with the problems on the electronic components, especially for the elderly, who are usually unfamiliar with electronic devices, they often have problems with the operation and need some help
  • Programming the timer can also be perceived as difficult. That, however, depends entirely on the personal circumstances and the affinity with technology by the user
  • Also, one should be careful with electronic shutters which are placed at terrace and balcony doors. If the timer is programmed, it can happen that one is in the garden and as the time is set, he or she loses the sight. Then, when the shutter closes automatically at a certain time, it can happen that one excludes himself.

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