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in stature but a big fellow in the Maryland Legislature sergeant at arms.

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The first of a course of five lectures on the British

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induration of the tissues or in abscess. The partisans

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attained surgical possibilities not dreamt of by our pre

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recorded in Table I. In the complement fixation experiment three

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Print of an illustration from a th century Materia Medica of Dioscorides

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was in the joint but the contraction was in connexion with

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surface yet equally certainly it is derived from the

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patient made a good recovery and for some months afterwards

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and means of estalilishing a hospital which shall Ije

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abdominal viscera. We think however the description of the

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hall of the Medical Library Association No. Boylston

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was simultaneous with the secondary attack so as to admit

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physician is advised to select memorize and use one of

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on at all viz. thoee which recover alsu thuee which die

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a new symptom namely a second contraction following

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it is during the years of growth that the delicate child may overcome

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the remaining cases the spirochete was found in. The

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complete in ten days to two weeks. Curetting the enlarge

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amendatory thereof and supplementary thereto do hereby make execute and

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into the cerebrum MwbeUam orcoinial cavity or any rap

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the other officers committees and delegates as recommended in

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stand something of the work and the officials in charge also have

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pital in Tucson. The infirmary will be for the sis

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The following method perfected by Biggs and Park is employed in

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It is not possible at present to account satisfactorily for this appar

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Wounds of the cartilage of the ear either from sharp objects

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not only upon the profession of medicine but also and chiefly

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removal of some of the young to foster mothers is advised and

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is better established according to M. Andral than that although primary

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tions insignificantes. Que Ton envisa ge par contre une de ces

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tration said early in June that neither the state House nor

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wandering spleen is usually found in leucsemic or malarial enlargements

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