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In the late war with Mexico, our own army met with the loss of ten

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sunlight invariably brings on pain in the inferior maxillary

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August has constructed a formula for the Wetbulb hygrometer,

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and this showed the typical structure of a mixed-cell sarcoma, with

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Perforation. — This is one of the most serious complications of gastric

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if we can feel reasonably sure that the rest of the

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of cases, usually in recent cases occurring in children un-

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in* a hundred inmates or more, shall have the privilege of sending two delegates ;

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discusses in an interesting way the causes of congenital and acquired lack

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an abscess cavity was established, more or less perfectly,

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of the fundamental subjects laid down in the curriculum, yet

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glass is now being extensively introduced, yet the use of paper

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cocci, in which the inflammation follows usually the

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in the returns of diseases occurring among the troops, and when I discussed it

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rebro-spinal meningitis, 2; consumption, 27; convulsions, 3; croup, 4; debility, 2; diar-

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barring an inflammatory eye-atTe< tion which developed

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Probably the most profound difference between chiro-


three, incubation periods of varicella. In reply to Dr. Goodall's question of the

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which every s,anitary reformer would wish to see energetically

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capriciousness of the appetite, flatulence, and eructation of gases,

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potaiinn was made, nt least here, of ^^ any sel6.^hness in taking the hum-

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myoma: All methods of treatment, including Apostoli's, which do not aim

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The subject of adenoid bypcrtropliy at the vault of the

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•cut it and ligate } Animals tear or bite it off, do not ligate it,

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back to bed at 10.20, the operation having occupied nineteen

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septics had better be excluded from the treatment of these

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nihilation of surface bacteria on the hands of operator

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ter having made some alterations in the osteoclast which

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ants, antispasmodics, and tonics, in subduing the extreme sen-

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woman, arrived from Alexandria on August 4, was attacked (in the

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Immigration and Insanity. — There are few hospital re-

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Ju w.v''^-;""/^n" 'Y '''l'\^ ^'T^'^^ ''^'^' 1'-"-" reLmmemt

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the morning just before being served, they will not be

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need not take a teaspoonful of the treatment every three

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they were recorded with the others, many of them being severe

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edition those of Volhard, Jakoby, Fuld, and Gross, as well as the refraction method

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ciation, held May 19, 1890, the following resolution was

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early part of January 1853, after unusual exposure to cold, the dyspnoea returned

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himself. The cases seem to disappear from observation, and I have always,

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