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Urine examinations were negative except for a scant trace of albumin and a

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a glass rod covered with soft rubber tubing and washed on to

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space barely visible in the normal aorta becomes very prominent

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value to the organism in numerous ways its great intensity in

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because they are remediable. It has been observed in armies

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Emotional influences increase the muscular movements. The con

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of a specific deity without showing the deity himself or herself. During

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Such experiments have been attempted in large numbers but the re

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the breadth of the piece removed and its extent towards the peripheiy

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is to help one to sorrow but the ill luck is averted

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sick wards of our public hospitals and their treat

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afternoon they returned as badly as ever his propensity to bite those about

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Additional information available upon request Eli Lilly and Company Indianapolis Indiana

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medicine and just as physicians recognize that their mis

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It was recommended that the names of delinquent members be

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after applying a good dressing of green tar to the part. Compression

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get through it they consider as an excommunicated offender who

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dividends for the ostensible possessor. But they are not merely spenders of

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women delivered with ten deaths a mortality of only in

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alcoholic subjects also in the aged or very young. Inability to

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force be used this may be raptured as well as the intestine the

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details both for the conduct of business meetings and the social en

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the body if the quantity is created in excess or the power

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in some States the Commissioner of Health takes a real in

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had been placed upon the importance of the lenticu

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greatly resembled the sclerotica. The epithelium of the cornea was

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the same treatment twelve hours afterward was ineffective.

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cardiology at White Plains Hospital Medical Center

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an inflamed breast. th. Too much company and conversatign

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observed in the liver especially in the central portions of the lobules

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more vacuoles a few more wandering cells but no other

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child through the negligence of an assistant was not

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by a low grade of continued fever on the day upon which

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take the matzoon and nothing would persuade her to try milk

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and sterilized as should also be the skin of the neck. Having

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