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opinion and remain as they have been but the gathering storm
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anemia moreover the writers have mentioned several cases of the disease
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adverse hygienic conditions and at this date no after
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fishermen were careful to catch it alive. Horace says
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diffuse erysipelatous inflammation set up over the back notr
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ture of the flexor metatarsi muscle. No weight was put on the
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in the same way as that remaining on the slide and mounted
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Books for Review and Exchanges should be addressed Brooklyn Medical Journal Bridge
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and tetanic spasm of the muscles of the neck was noticed re
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very weak and is performed by the ileo psoas and sartorius.
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It is wrong to give up breast milk because the supply from
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the serum in such cases having a very low agglutinating
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smaller than the ventral corresponding to the area of the
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I desire to express sincere thanks to Professor Dunham of the Uni
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in a manner absolutely certain that microscopic living
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out France Germany England at the present time except
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one to three fluid ounces of the tincture one or two fluid
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and left in the abdomen as in Tyler Smith s method of treating
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ment of the genito crural nerve. The same may be said also of
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idly and longer when it moves slowly the reverse being
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examples in aloes and jalap of substances that act mainly upon
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same class of merchandise bearing a foreign name and recommended by foreign
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Original Communications. Editorial. the Puerperium
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with the first fraction of digestion and nearly all of these same patients
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other cases the rheumatic affection is stubborn being fixed from the
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formidable character. Removal by any other means than
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Symptoms. In most cases the symptoms indicate irritation early of the
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With other general reagents no precipitates are formed.
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size from to lbs. is of a deep red colour arid swollen up
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during this period second the possibility of hemolysis of a small
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whilst lying flat by a shrapnel bullet which penetrated cm. to the
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injected state of the conjunctiva and great action of the carotid
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lar rheumatism soon followed preceded by cardiac symptoms and then
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applications were observed to be transient lasting not oaore
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the pulse occurred the phial was withdrawn. The face previously pale was
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been published of the work which has been done jointly by the
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habits he being an extensive grazer in Illinois who in con
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always however remaining in the protoplasm of the parasite and never

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