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sitting or standing; but anythmg which she was holding in her right

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only utterly insufficient for the duties, and was in no way a fair remunera-

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At the Carmarthen Asylum, opened in 1866, there is already urgent

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once removed by the process proposed by the author. Instead of earth,

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They all occur on subjects who have suffered from syphilis. — 2. The

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an infant aged fourteen months, who died of diarrhcea. The disease

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counteracted by the ingestion of new material, so that the body gains

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muscles, where, particularly in the latter situation, it is felt as active

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was present. The attack came on during sultry, cloudy weather, ac-

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Gibb, C. J., M.D. On a successful case of Ligature of the superficial

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ment gliding over the bone. It may be done upon one or both legs,

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branches themselves, or indirectly from them through the great sympa-

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brandy, was administered; but he did not rally, and died at 7.45 p.m.

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These notes have been published by Professor Tyndall for the same

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interests of every branch of the medical profession."

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tres, at the same time that we keep pace with the active movement of

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quently put upon the wheel and drugged during the night ; and,

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There are a great many points essential in a good pair of forceps ;

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purpose. " He who acts as though there were but one thing in the

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Manchester and in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, under the influence of Dr.

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authority, whose dutj' it should be to collate the information so used, according to

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offered their services to the Prussian Government, meet with little sup-

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light, and for each sort of them a definite genesiology be written.

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perhaps appears on the surface ; for the mildest modes of extinction are

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sidence in the College on the recommendation of a medical officer of

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called dermoid, from their resemblance to skin. I have seen several

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evitably lead to obstruction in the circulation of the organ above that

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ground that it "can only be carried out, and even then to a very limited

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human system of the use and abuse of tobacco. On the other hand,

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cate, or "Testamur." Tasmanian Council of Education : Examination

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At the recent anniversary meeting of the Governors of the Derbyshire

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fact is among those not generally known to the majority of students,

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public, relative to the registration of disease, may I ask you to give me

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Geneva, and the signification of the red cross on a white band worn by

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5. Candidates who desire to pass the First Professional Examination

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the relations of body and mind so mysterious as to be inscrutable by

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services would have been weakened, and there wotUd have been a better

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