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awaits sufficient accumulation of the toxic agent in the blood in order to

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membership in the association was steadily increasing,

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derstanding of the extent to which such education is

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in 25 per cent, of our cases, rather more frequently in the negro patients

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Sialia sialis (L.), Cganocilta cristata (L.), "Icterus galbula"

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and signs justify exploration, but knowledge of the abdominal conditions,

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greater importance, and the step taken by the Chicago

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gium. In one eye, the left, I put in two drops of the so-

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report from the same Royal Commission shows clearly

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the effusion forms a straight line in place of the curve, higher

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point of view, for inherited or congenital neurasthenia to lead to the absolute

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method, as Konig describes it, and it is his intention

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to the sole, where the threshold of effective stimulation is

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repeated bleeding and the use of digitalis, and finally, by the aid of

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time to turn off her left side. She was much reduced in strength by this illness,

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seems to glide over the placenta and not take hold of it. By using the

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their ligation to arrest acute traumatic inflammation. Dr. C.

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antifermentatives. Diarrhoea should not be indiscriminately checked,

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very much weakened form, and contracts a very mild form of the

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quantity sufficient to stain the tissues materially. Minute ruptures

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ought to receive careful attention. It should be borne in mind that

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Figi . Schematic drawing of the Bio-Medicus vortex cen-

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hibitory and accelerator nervous fibers be stimulated,

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exclude hope at least of lifes and that there are perhaps no cases before

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they have all, without exception, been based, directly or indirectly,


for the trouble. He has not been exposed to catching cold or

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kota) reported no cases. Reported incidences were 100

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