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writing. But now that you are pleased to give yourself the

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course of the medicine and bath with the drop repeating it

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astigmatism vision may often be brought up to far greater perfec

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the serum and tissues of the animal body as the source or matrix

altacet ice cena

the mind of any one before his time. He presents the evidence

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the lungs developed sq externally. Cases of this sort are by no

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Intestinal spirochetes in Philippine Islands incidence of

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Austria. I may also add parenthetically that he will

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smaller amputations patients recovered in due time but

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for the college the professors or anything of that sort. This

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Throat Associated with Severe Epistaxis. Wolff Freudentlial.

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requests are made that not more than four or five additional counties

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in regard to health. He advocates the establishment in the higher schools

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This may furnish a good tincture much stronger than many so

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and principles. The chapter on the preventible causes

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Matriculation Examination. The next Quarterly Matricu

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History. Cow completed nine months of her gestation

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has answered best in intermittents and epilepsy in doses from

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below the umbilicus. As digestion proceeds and the stomach empties

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rived from the superficial and deep portions of the spleen. The

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warrant elaboration in the light of the data presented in this paper.

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the intestinal canal are antiseptic in their action may

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hence the operation should be expedited as much as possible. This

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ulceration increases the animal suffers from exhaus

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