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heart and vessels b^in is seldom known in a given case. Senator is firm
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off by a definite line, and the skin of the proximal part is inflamed, often
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I iiliiird.'ii-iiliir ihilliiiii iiia> 111' liiniiulil aliiiiil I'v a \aiii't\' nl' nii'aiis:
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,'|i|\ iitii-i'il wli.'il is ti'i'liii'il till' iiIivsJimI iIii'im'N. wliirli ImliK tlwit lli'
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Treatment. — How much can be accomplished in the way of warding off
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tissues iind these dissohe it until the pi'essMlc is JiLjMill eipmlizeil lietuceil
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The fingers and toes are chiefly anected and the gangrene is dry. Vasomotor
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and Itie lin.'sarc held li\ ihe leetii Tlie iiiIiIki tui.e of the inolltlipiecc i^
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u.' iviiiciiiImt tiiat aft.'i' two or llinv .lays .,f starvation all of tlio ax.i!-
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is rtfr.iitorv to tti<- -tiinnlii'*. The si^naK iii'lii.iic ilit- nioiiu'iits at which ilie stiimili were .i
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it, since it may be well as a matter of curiosity that
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Changes in sensation are not common; numbness and tingling niay be
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In any event, so far as the medical examiner is concerned it is his function
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tion of the size absolutely or as compared with the average. Clinically such
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When tliis fluid is ju'cvented from entering the intestine, the digest!'
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the numbers in the two sexes more nearly eaual. Without doubt there is
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especially night sweats, while in some cases frequent chills are met with.
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l)as(,pliile suiistanee, which in hardened specimens sometimes takes the
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h'or e\;iliiplr. we lia\e srrn aliii\e that in the e;ise of (•.•|iie sllu';ir the e.;
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Thr.'.; Mimlaiin iital j.rim-ipl.'s ..f .jcm.ral .'h.'iiiisliy s.'rv.' as the l.asis
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cardiac hypertrophy. In some cases amyloid in the vessels of the heart itself
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Inasmuch, however, as such insurance to be ideal mvM be founded upon
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Iiresent. yet it is on< whi.-li can U,' of no sifjuilicance under inn'ma'
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The simplest intiM-pretatioM of these resnlts is that the liver conveit-
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.\ the "rininatioii of the vcire cava-, the muscle fillers are arraiiired more
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by adding iodine to it, or by taking up iodine in the body.
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,,f a twii uioiu' hnirtliliH'k. Wlu-ii i>n thr "tin r Imml, llitn- is im t-xni't
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!^ii''h a milhod is uliv i.iusly much more physioloiiii than one in wliieli
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nf .•u,iiii;ii. it. iiiv-nlaiit\ , I, .spit,' |ir..|>rr a-ljiislinolit ..f tlif f,„„\ fact,,:,
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foimd and properly treated before great arthritic damage is done, the outlook
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ally from the North to the South in winter. Whether this is due to anything
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and the arm can seldom be extended straighter than 135 degrees. The
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* Transactions of the Pathological Society, 1870, xxi, 372.
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ilitci-i'st t(p stiiiuil;itc M iiMiic iiili'iisi\c study (<( tli.' v.'iiiniis suli.ji'cls
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Many of the results of experiments are vitiated by ignorance of the exist-
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„„sscs into portions. i'he evidence for tiiis hclief rests on the fact that
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<l)'iiiiiM>tratfil. iiiiiN iiiiilrr ravnnililc cniKliti'
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with slight but hitherto undemonstrated lesions). Such cases are probably
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TiiiAi. Sol. ins I III Ml C'li Ciiwis. i\ (IM I.I in: hi- Ni.i;m m. l"i:i\r
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The Relationship of Pats. Altliouu'h fats are an invariahle <-onstit-
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Tlic nature of these ferments has been the sulijcct of many invcstiiia-
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* Although not so accurate etymologically, "tachycardia" has the force of custom,
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the lilood to ediii|)lete one eirenit of the eirelllat ion.
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