Plendil Er 5mg


them and pubstituting glioma cells in their place. 2. The

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sensation, concerning which our knowledge at present

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1. Facial Ilemiplerjia in newly horn Children. Paraly-

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Sometimes there is a distinct projection of one or more spinous processes,

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or the one whom they and he would call their hero, going day after

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arm had contained some of these bacilli, and that the

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ing the abdomen, a sac was discovered, lying just above the

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of the vesicular eruptions; or the phlyctenae, in others, spread in-

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entire process, it follows that any fact so observed,

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economic, and political world environment that lies ahead.

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sebaceous matter of the skin, and also the remedy. Ether

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operation, and the same treatment was carried out; as the symptoms per-

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again disappeared later. About a year ago the face became

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