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hanging but some solicitious friend always came along

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eyes, the suggestion was strongly confirmed that there was

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a case of "stiff neck" proves resistant to ordinary

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mel. It was successively placed upon bismuth subnitrate,

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ries. And their case, widely epidemic in type as it is.

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at pleasure. It was sixteen feet in length, and suf-

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alies are inherited ; that haemophilia — Daltonism —

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count except by reason of the greater facilities it

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especially as care must be exercised to keep the tube

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w hite staphylococcus and the Bacillus xerosis. All

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Fig. 6. — Sporulating cyst? Found in cervical section of spinal cord

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Robinson, D. E., Passed Assistant Surgeon. Granted one

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they are exposed to tropical or other contagious dis-

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to propitiate both sides against his innate tendency

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liams, of London, and Dr. G. S. Woodhead, of Cambridge.

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utable physician showing that they are in good health and

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at the decrease of the moon, they are a much greater poi-

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Russia — Rostoff-on-Don, prefecture Sept. 4-10... 0 .1

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luiiibricoides ; Uncinaria aiiiericaiia; Ttriiia saginata; Di-

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nearly ninety per cent, of the cases were of this type,

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thirteen years in the practice of pharmacy, that we

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Hospital, no les-s than 1,720 were malignant, and of

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vious weeks. Eight of the cases were directly traced to

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as large as a finger along the anterior and lateral

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by age divisions — are much sought for at present,

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tumor with the remains of the hypophysis lying compressed

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the left. All forms of sensation were delayed on the left

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mask or contravene the operation of the active prin-

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third day after admission to the hospital, the nurse upon catheterizing

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insanes are taken to Bellevue Hospital, acute alco-

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There were 30 stillbirths : 13 males and 17 females. The

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Autopsy. Leuchaemic infiltration of the spleen, liver, and

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10. The Occurrence of the Biliary Coloring Matters in the

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party of Russian gypsies from Batum, who proceeded by

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China and Russia, gives off an appreciable odor and

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poetic mode of connotation — applied to the powers

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tion. With a Preface by Professor E. A. Schafer, Sc. D..

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clinical history, which is meagre, and does not cast

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cine (Section in Genitourinary Diseases) ; New York

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ters are combined only in the bath tub. By the suc-

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a towel folded lengthwise are the essentials. Petrol-

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