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troduced a sponge tent of a sufficient size to effect the dilatation.
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or the passage of a bougie. In one puerperal case that
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pei oenC solntion of cocaine are injected beneath Uia
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are the laboratory experiments in the prevention and cure of artificial
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these diseases are frequent is not the fault of medical and sanitary
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serums which yielded a distinct fiocculent precipitate
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few of the experiments which have been carried out in this
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The advantages of the electric light from a sanitary
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is said to be under metres and the maximum breadth about mm.
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inoculated after days with a mixture of rat blood and mouse cancer hours
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touching tribute to the memory of the late president and
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did not form indol type E did not ferment dextrose or
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says that in the treatment of the disease bichloride of
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be set up in a living animal body of the higher species
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of interest to add another instance where apparently the same spiro
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nant inflammatory or neurologic disorder. Since the time
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on the assumption that great variations in fetal activity may occur with
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Dr A. Stewart surgeon of that regiment in which corps I ser
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Professor Brooks as he passed the final judgment upon the material
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muscular movements the duration of most cases of chorea may be reduced much
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contain these friendly bacteria in virile cultures. Try it in your cases of
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only once in every fifty two cases. Think that over a moment
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of his warehouse his hair seemed reddish or orange as if burnt
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Similar symptoms frequently occur in states of general debility
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diffused in lime water should be freely used afterwards demulcents.
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the Dexter liniment. Water farcey is a swelling that
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disease as tuberculosis is negligible. It is hardly necessary
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give evidence or the coroner may order him to make a post mortem
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The cause of the extreme thinness and fibrous charac
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was felt jier rectum the director was withdrawn and
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which does away vith the two sharp pointed instruments and
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that time and for nearly twenty years we only hear of scattered and
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unction with lanolin fat or oil of some kind. Mercury
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doubt have been also recorded by Liveing Rees and Atkinson.
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dealt with by incision and drainage and if a complete
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might be associated with fits. It is desirable again to assert that this
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ever it is doubtful whether even this result would ever be realized
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strengtib but sufficient to neutralize a fraction of the depressing
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man in death. I felt convinced that after death some rude sculptor
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successfully employed for the Treatment of Stiffened Joints
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tamponading. Eectal feeding was resorted to for the first fortnight
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the male ward wing that is the most easterly end of the

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