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sions, 3 — croup, 4 — debility, 1 — dian-hoea, 2 — dropsy of the brain, 7 — dyspepsia, 1 — eiysipe-

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it never fails to appear by underlaying with nitric

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increased fee. As regards the first of these three objections, Mr.

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hysteria, asthma, somnambulism, somniloquence, etc., play as important a

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<*ffects by drinking one or two glasses of cold water on going to bed.

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thoroughly investigated their choices. In fact, more than a

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and report whether it was expedient to make any change in the

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he had thirty-five on the waiting-list of the sana-

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or, at any rate, none which point to an involvement of the peri-

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could not, with tlic same accuracy, be determined. The cavity of the

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author, to set up a kind of stomach in a tooth, in cases where

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strated that it originates in the phagocytes themselves, and that it

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In this case the ligature, which consisted of a cord soaped to make

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used with advantage, after the very first stage has passed. Vesica-

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fevers may induce anaemia even where the fevers are not developed. Per-

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The former opinion, however, seems the most rational of the two. It is

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in^mediate cause of death. Sudden death sometimes occurs from syncope

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of central vision, though in this case the prognosis is good. Very commonly

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pavilions. Bull. Soc. beige de ayn6c. et d'obst., IJrux.,

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to be covered with bits of rag or lint. The chest and shoulders were sprinkled

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■doses, its action is less marked, still it is de -

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of ethical philosophers have been directed to remedpng this great

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infiuence, and it lingers among us, and upon our borders at the present

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of placement and design. The man of the Renaissance endowed even utilitarian objects and aims

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naris and the abdomen opened. The stone was pushed up the

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peritonitis. It seems to result from contamination or

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Committee, by the Bostor Mrdioal akd Sbboioal Joumal 80-

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abortions in consequence before he saw her and dis-

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progress ofknowledge, to stamp with his genius the character

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upon. I saw her at eleven, and she died a few moments

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present in practically every case of scarlet fever in the first few days,

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sion. (2) A presystolic thrill may be, but rarely is, felt at the tri-

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These sinijle handa<;es, each with its wooden core, can

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