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cation of cold water increases momentarily the activity of

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be coufirmed and he danger of a return of the disease avoided. The

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and physiology of the heart as to attempt the management

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Among other things we may mention that Magnus Levy found con

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tion of fluid in an isolated loop of intestine with which

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of fever upon the accommodation of the asylum. Attention had been

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the necessity of performing caesarean sections in all

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parasite of the Italians was present there were with quotidian

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usually excited by injuries or by exposure to cold. It sometimes re

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respiratory movement as in life and the difficulty becomes

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I have seen a preparation of oxygen F. give relief. Occa

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however the acrid and in any degree drastic purgatives more

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Elmer is intermediate l etween this apparently rather stable dwarf and the

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in number well selected and have a very definite value to every attending

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effort is made by the use of whiskey hypodermically and

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linked your young nation and old France in bonds of affection or that

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Laennec he expressly states the external coat was perfectly

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the health to give to food a pleasant relish and to

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ternal surfaces and which are consequently abnormal and adap

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trict. Authors who have subsequently written upon the conditions of

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expended for institute work in the state during the year

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zens it is not unnatural that the Society should feel disposed

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cipated the sac would refill and we agreed if it did to

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large quantities of fat than is possible in normal persons.

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cated by the foul odour of the pus and the presence of granulations

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contain i I I the tabes ami isolated epithelial cells Loaded with fatty

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Eighteen g. of dihydrocinchonane hydrochloride see below were converted into

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The person attacked loses suddenly all sense and power of

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The appointment of two practical veterinary surgeons as

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