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and may impart its characteristic odour to the sputa.

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penalties are recommended to be imposed tiinui persons practising

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occurred soon after this for no further movements nor heart sounds

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selecting one of the joints of the thumb, either the carpo-metacarpal or

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Many of these thermic fevers or heat apoplexies may be purely the

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VII, ever vigilant to promote the welfare of his do-

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Sometimes the milk treatment fails. In these cases peptonising the

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the case. If the severe signs persist some time, and the patient is dying,

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divided by imaginary lines into zones about two inches w-ide

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method. A machine of ample capacity was placed in the ward and a

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mild cases, and in temporary glycosuria, the specific gravity may be normal

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in his recently published article, says that peritoneal lesions are an undoubted

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number of closely-set miliary tubercles, each of which has undergone

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advifes that, in cafe a glyfter cannot be conveniently

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while the examiner's thumbs are pressed deeply into the lumbar

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dropper. It is iiiiportaiit not to supply more than a very few-

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Line 1: Local Anesthetics. — This appears one of the most

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disease. The head is thrown backwards on. the nucha, so as to lie almost at

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liorfes is the fame, and in each of thofe countries

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Symptoms. — The period of incubation varies greatly, from a few

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healing of the ulcer occurs. Accidents may, however, happen at any time,

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sciously such children conceal the original impulses in emotional

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followed by a diet preponderating in carbohydrate but containing only

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be judiciously supplemented by milk, butter, eggs, etc. It is often easy to

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blood-stained. A high degree of cyanosis is frequently to be observed.

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this nor excessive moisture are essential ; for malaria is common enough

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This rise does not go above .17% and returns to normal in 90 minutes. In most

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contain dire<ftions for judging of the qualities of

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I beg leave here again to caution gentlemen againfb

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inflammation set up varies with their nature and the amount evacuated.

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what indefinite incubation period ; a prodromal fever, accompanied by

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especially in the milder forms. Opium, morphine, and codeine are of service

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the most rigid isolation and disinfection must be enforced.

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places inhabited by consumptives. He found that out of twenty-nine

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of determination of the total quantity of hydrochloric or organic acids,

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vertebral, the internal carotid, and the posterior cerebral. Often several

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*' which appears nearefl the part ; but if a fufficient

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arthritis followed a sore throat it is wise to remove the tonsils.

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lactose, unless the patient finds that this slight sweetness of itself becomes a

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spleen; slighter enlargement of the liver; a somewhat swollen, thickly-

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breaks out among the crews, especially native crews, of ships trading in

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