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limed sulphur, two parts ; of subcarbonate of potash, one part ; and of
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tion, as well as by the remains of the py- • lessens, at the time when the inflammation
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'Justifying a Fraud,' would certainly make a spectacle that
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by our advice, she entered the Homoeopathic Hospital, where
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tice. The surface of the entire body is affected, the spots varying from
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neum, and the conclusion drawn by the author was, that
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in the week was 29'70 in. The highest was 29*99 in. on Sunday morning,
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and nervous power on the other, and draws therefrom
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nature of the case was obscure until a bottle containing some remains of
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temperature. The mixture is set aside for twenty-four hours and
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notized by a picture, or a horse with richly silver-plated
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Since the death of this man we have used every exertion to trace up his
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poetry find no material for idealization. The operation for
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Historiail sketch — Incvhation — Coiirse: first week: second week: crisis; reco-
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An apprentice is wanted at this office to learn the
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Appendicitis or Epityphiutis? — Kuster (Centralbl. f. Chir., No. 50,
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of a serious nature, but diagnosis was withheld imtil an ex-
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Belgium. The bon-bons in question consisted of a species of
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nutrition. Par., 1896, iv, 488; 560. . A. propos d'un
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of hydrogen peroxid or ozonized oil of turpentine. These substances
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The diagnosis having been made, the treatment of to-day would
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tion of triphenylmethyl from the chloride is strictly analogous to the forma-
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condizioni utero -placenlari della vita fctale. Eii^riua
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Editorial Note: WHO considers the rapidly expanding
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in the different operations mentioned in this book, and we
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clinics were given in color television at the Ameri-
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in 19538. Since then, tliese scans have been used to
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taking leave of the work by Prof. Huss, we must confess that it has disap-
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and dicrotism is said to be less common. Hemorrhage and perforation
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for a considerable period after the receipt of tho injury, no alarming
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somewhat convex and bulging at a point corresponding to this. No
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oped countries do, and we have relatively more people
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sistent or chronic form of the disease, or, having continued for a variable
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case of syphilis should, of course, always be available as controls.
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salts. On the other hand J. B. MacCallum 3 states that magnesium
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mounted on a glass tube, some three inches in length, made by cutting off the
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tiie false membrane can take place, the operation is called for. Its success,
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twenty-four years of age, under treatment for venereal ulcers of
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