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and an abdominal examination, will often be enough to determine

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to meet on the first Monday in June and the first Monday in

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of active patients for which we have data is somewhat

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stipation, flatus, diarrhea, mild dryness of mouth, sore

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ing his ballot on roll call individually. When after the

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tainable, in Cleveland a rate rising in 1910 to 17.9! The words

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b Chief, Electrodiagnostic Unit; Associate, Rehabilitation Medi-

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While I continue to keep this Oath unviolated, may it

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Millikin ; Membership Committee, S. H. Large. The Entertainment Com-

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7. Describe dacryocystitis, mention its causes and outline treatment

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The eighty-fifth regular meeting of this Section was held at the

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is manifested by a low incidence of side-effects and

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strong enough to dilate the pupils and was gradually in-

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Pattison, Adm., Wayne County Rural Comprehensive Health

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14. Jones, D. B.: The renal vascular lesions of severe and

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Cloth, 204 pages, 43 illustrations, $2.00. C. V. Mosby Company, St.

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Temperature 102.3° F., pulse 100. Curetted four days thereafter. Dis-

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reputable medical college, and must furnish testimonials from responsible

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must be made with the Editor for excessive illustra-

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a higher proportion of dysentery. This is, however, appar-

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meeting at Evansville, Indiana, November 14 and 15.

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thickening at the light microscopic level. Red blood

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countered are isolated instances of skin eruptions, edema, minor

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2. Duvoisin, R. C.: Antagonism of levodopa by papaverine,

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the prone posture. Brush and Fayerweather, however, showed definitely

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of myself. In short, this very important and fundamental ques-

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day and lowering of levodopa dose by 31 percent, 10 out of

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(e) What method or methods of heating are to be recom-

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designates this form as Pruritus Ani Simplex ; the variety which is

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ness and is less promiscuous in its recommendations. Thus it no

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tain conditions of wind and current. Fortunately, the very

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John Phillips, in reply, said that in the literature he had seen no

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collect on the septum just within the vestibule. These crusts

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former idea was incorrect, since so many cases of acute ap-

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on the ground floor are to be devoted to an Out-Patient Depart-

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Richards, M.D., co-director of the Michigan Burn Cen-

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the causes for that wearing and useless haste and worry which shorten

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and his environment marks the stability of an arrest far more than a

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by the accumulation of fat tissue in the pelvis which,

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lengthens the coagulation time and diminishing the fibrinogen shortens

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the last century, deep insight, fine perception, and truth applic-

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same time give the patient permanent strength and improvement. He

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One Ora L. Brown had been convicted in the same county

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