APPS FOR DETROIT Thu, 24 Mar 2016 23:58:54 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Advice on lawnmowers that you need to know Thu, 24 Mar 2016 23:36:09 +0000 You are about to purchase a lawn mower. Which mower is best for you depends on several things. How big is your garden? What kind of lawn mowers do you want? By following the steps below, you will be guided to choose the best self propelled lawn mower for you.

Types of lawnmowers

Nothing adorns the garden as beautiful as a green lawn. To keep grass in top condition, the quality of the lawn mower plays a big role. With this mower guide, you will learn about lawnmowers and you know quickly what the best lawn mower for you to buy.

Manual, electric or petrol lawn mowers

Hand lawn mower is a type of reel mower, a roller rotates with knives in a circular cage in which the grass is cut. An advantage of using lawn mowers is that the grass recovers quickly.

Most electric lawn mowers are known as rotary mowers where the grass is cut using a sharp blade that rotates at high speed. There are also electric cylinder mowers in which the cutter blades are driven in the electric cage. Electric mowers are particularly suitable for cutting medium-sized lawns.

Gasoline mowers operate on the same principle as the electric mower described above but they are only powered by a gasoline engine and not by electricity. Gasoline mowers are more powerful than electric mowers and often equipped with drive wheels. If you have a large lawn then a gasoline mower is definitely an option.

Electric lawn mowers and petrol lawn mowers are sold in embodiments in which the mower is pushed or self-propelled by means on the drive wheels.


Ride or float

Most lawnmowers are on wheels. Hand mowers have two wheels, electric and petrol mowers usually 4. A type which has no wheels is called the hover mower. In a hover mower, the mowers, as a result of air pressure slightly, come off the ground.

With the following tips will, you get the grass in top condition:

  • Lawn mowers with sharp blades give better grass.
  • Unless you mow with a special mulching mower, the grass clippings are not on the lawn.
  • Cut the grass in different directions. For example, one time in length next in width.
  • Make sure the grass gets enough calcium and nutrition.
  • Frequent mowing prevents and combats weeds. Pruning does bloom, mow does grow!

How big is your lawn?

Of course you can mow a soccer field with a hand mower. But it is not convenient at all. It is, therefore, recommended to adjust the mower to the size of the lawn. Many shop therefore have determined a lawn mower for the lawn size that is most appropriate. This is determined based on cutting width and the force that holds a lawnmower.

Small lawn: <50 m² lawn area
Small / medium lawn:> 50 sqm – 200 sqm lawn area
Medium lawn:> 200 m² – 400 m² lawn area
Medium / large lawn:> 400 m² – 600 m² lawn area
Large lawn:> 600 m² lawn area

With or without cable?

A lawnmower may be driven in various ways. Most mowers are powered by mains and therefore have a cord, but there are also various types of cordless lawnmowers.

Lawn mowers with cord

  • Electric lawnmowers
  • For small and medium gardens
  • Relatively powerful engine
  • Relatively reasonably priced
  • Continuous power
  • You should always have a power point near
  • Without extension you can not get far

Cordless mowers

  • Manual lawn mowers
  • For smaller gardens
  • Nice quiet due to the lack of an engine
  • More compact to store than other types
  • Relatively low maintenance
  • You always have to push it
  • A catcher is often optional, but rarely default

All hand mowers

  • Gasoline mowers
  • For medium to large gardens
  • Usually equipped with very powerful engines
  • Wireless
  • Relatively high maintenance fee
  • Is noisy

Robotic mowers

  • For medium to large gardens
  • Usually equipped with very powerful engines
  • Wireless
  • Relatively high maintenance fee
  • Is noisy

Would you like extra convenience?


When you specify the size of your lawn and what type of lawn mower is the most suitable, you can still see what extra features you need.


An useful extra feature for particularly heavy lawn mower is self-propelled. This feature ensures that the lawnmower is itself slowly moving forward, so you have to make less effort.

Mulching function

Another useful option is the mulching function. This feature ensures that the grass is finely shredded, so it serves as fertilizer for the lawn and you will not need to catch the clippings or to rake up.

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Sharp’s Interactive Cooking System Set Thu, 24 Mar 2016 04:38:17 +0000

Sharp Corp. introduces its Interactive Cooking System microwave oven. The microwave oven tells consumers, step by step, how to cook a specific food. The microwave asks consumers the type of food they wish to cook, then provides advice, through a seven character display screen, on additional steps to take to cook the food properly. Sharp is expected to begin shipping the units in Mar 1995. Prices for the Interactive Cooking System line of microwave ovens range from $269.95 to $349.95.


For the man or woman who won’t read – and that covers nearly all of us – here comes the Interactive Cooking System.

This is Sharp’s solution to technology overload.. a microwave oven that tells you, seep by step, how to cook a specific food.

Using a microchip and a seven-character display, the machine guides the user through its functions and offers additional information. It will ask the type and weight of the food to be cooked, then reveal at a touch of the Custom Help key that fresh vegetables, for example, should take an added tablespoon of water per cup. It might advise afterward to “let stand covered.”

“It’s foolproof,” said Patricia Koester Smith, a market-development manager. “This isn’t sensor technology. It’s an advanced interactive display.”

The rationale is: consumers buy microwave ovens for speed and convenience, but few read their operating manuals. It’s easy to get intimidated and ignore most of the many features on an oven.

“We met with our customer-information people,” related Anne Howard, the Appliance division’s director of marketing. “We asked what kind of problems do people have [with microwaves]. What can we do before they take it back to their stores?”

In addition, noted Terri Siebert, assistant product-training manager, fewer schools teach traditional cooking these days in home-economics classes, and fewer young people know how to cook properly. The Interactive Cooking System “is designed for them to learn to cook.”

“I like to think of it as an ACM.. an automatic cooking machine,” added Smith.

According to Sharp, the custom key and seven characters are unprecedented in the industry. A small “help” on the display advises the Custom Help pad can be tapped for a demonstration mode (advantageous for selling at retail and for learning at home); automatic starting@ child lock; audible signal; customized programming; a choice of English, Spanish or French, pounds or kilograms, and all these little dues for better cooking of seven foods under CompuCook and another seven under Snacks A Reheat (“place on paper towel,” “use large bowl,” “turn food over,” etc.).

Each of the 14 food entries can be programmed from one to six serving options, explained Siebert, and each can be adjusted for more or less time.

Seven characters in place of six m not seem important, but they offer more information at a glance and fewer hyphenated words. The display freezes words for a second or so, rather than rolling them right to left. Siebert pointed out that older people especially might miss something on a moving scroll:”clock” after a blink or through bifocals becomes “lock” and a message is misinterpreted.

Reportedly the greater variety of options includes separate settings for @round meat, chicken pieces and steaks; weights in 0.1-pound increments; three selections for dinner-plate sizes; choices for the number of cups for rice. And if a mistake occurs, a specific prompt appears (“error quantity”).

Even the power level can be called up: “P-70” means the machine is running at 70 percent.

Smith said Sharp began showing the ovens to key national accounts in the past month, and to favorable response. The company finally decided to exhibit the line at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next month. An interactive logo also is in the works.

Shipments were expected to begin in March. Models R-5A87 will feature 1.6 cubic feet and a stone-gray cabinet; R-5A97, with the same capacity, will be in white-on-white. Their suggested retail price is $349.95 apiece.

April availability was planned for the R-3A87 (stone) and R-3A97 (all-white), each with 0.9 cubic feet and a suggested retail of $269.95. June was projected for models R-4A87 (stone) and R-4A97 (white-on-white), each with 1.2 cubic feet and a $299.95 tag. Smith said the initial introductions will be among Sharp’s most popular models, with sensor units likely to follow later in 1995 and the rest of line perhaps in 1996.

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Why should you choose paper shredders? Thu, 24 Mar 2016 04:07:23 +0000 For the destruction of confidential paper, the possibilities for confidential destruction depends on the amount of paper, the confidentiality of the document, the design of your business processes and the applicable legal requirements.

It is also important for your business or organizations to destroy confidential papers to prevent the company from falling into the wrong hands. Besides, you can get suitable paper shredders information from paper shredders reviews, for familiar use.


How can you destroy confidential papers?

You can destroy your paper using a paper shredder. Or you can choose to let it destroy your confidential paper certified by a professional data destroyer. But which solution is best for you?

Destroy paper with a paper shredder

A paper shredder is the office solution for destroying small amounts of highly classified paper. A paper shredder shreds paper so that the information in the paper is lost to unauthorized persons. However, the confidential destruction is limited because with the help of computer programs, demonstrably information can be made readable again as mentioned as unshredding on the site Wikipedia.

Capacities of paper shredders

The equipment is available in different capacities; some can destroy few A4 pages to a capacity of 25-50 A4 pages per minute. The paper is cut into strips with a knife in the longitudinal direction. With the more expensive paper shredder versions, paper cutting also in the width direction and are therefore ideally suited for the destruction of highly confidential documents. When purchasing a paper shredder you should consider the purchase and maintenance and sustainable removal of the shredded material so that it can get a rezoning again.

Benefits of paper shredders:

  • Your paper waste will be less bulky.
  • The better shredder can also destroy CD-ROMs and cards.
  • You may at any time of day destroy a confidential document.

Disadvantages of paper shredders:

  • Small scale of paper
  • Shredders make noise.
  • You have to deal with maintenance costs.
  • The shredder can suffer from interference.
  • Shredders use plastic bags.
  • You can not destroy large quantities in a short time.

Are you going to do self-confidential paper shredding?

Note the protection class of your shredder. Choose at least for a DIN P-3 shredder or higher.

Professional data destroyer

For the destruction of large quantities of confidential paper, it makes sense to enable a certified data destroyer. For example, for the removal of your archives. This data destruction companies are independently inspected at the entire collection and destruction process.

Closed destruction system

Most professional data destroyers work with a closed system of destruction. This implies that the entire process of collection including the destruction of the paper takes place in confidential. For example, use lockable roll cages.

The roll containers are then emptied by appointment in a secure transport vehicle. This process of collection and processing is certified. The process is regularly audited by an accredited institution, VPGI which the implementation is assured of a standardized rules. All your paper will be destroyed behind closed doors in personnel and supervised by security cameras.

You can also choose to offer familiar paper smaller amounts to the destruction location of the data destroyer.

Certified Data Destroyer

Always choose a CA + certified data destroyer. Companies that are certified with CA + will be suitable to destroy your confidential paper according to the rules established by the FNOI destroy.

Benefits of paper destruction by a professional data destroyer

  • With professional data destroyer you take the brunt of the destruction from the hands.
  • Environmentally friendly processing as feed stock for the tissue industry.
  • Your confidential paper waste can be destroyed and retrieved on demand.
  • You are assured of complete destruction at a certified data destroyer.
  • All confidential information can easily deposit in lock containers.

Disadvantages of paper destruction by a data shredder

  • For small amounts of familiar paper, it is not necessary and expensive.
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The picture frame industry is expected to continue Mon, 14 Mar 2016 07:14:44 +0000 The picture frame industry is expected to continue its modest growth in 1995, and is projecting a 5% increase for 1994. The growth is attributed to mass market sales and a higher gross margin in sales. Technology has enabled frame makers to make a better product at a lower cost. Customers are more particular in what they choose, and select frames that offer them quality at a reasonable price. Consumers are also interested in photo storage products.

Frames have had a slightly better year at retail in 1994 than in 1993 – HFD projects a 5 percent increase in retail dollars to approximately $1.6 billion (the 1993 increase was 4 percent) – but most vendors do not see the improvement as a sign the business will resume its one-time double-digit growth levels.

For example, Michael Block, president of Loui Michel Cie, acknowledges some improvement this year – enough of one to enable his company to strike out on its own again with new offices in Harbor City, Cal. and a new distribution center in St. Louis, after having become a division of Bee International last year. At the same time, Block adds that the frame category is a pretty mature one.

Barry Gordon, general manager of Melannco, agrees that frames, at least in upscale retailers, are a mature business that will continue to grow only “in a reasonable way.”

According to Sandy Reiter, executive vice president of MCS Industries, which serves both mass and upscale retailers, the business is stronger and healthier now at mass than in upscale channels.

“It was a very strange year”, Reiter adds. “The severe winter in the East hurt business early in the year, but the second half has seemed to be very strong.”

Nick Lazaris, president of M.W. Carr, which entered the mass market last year after having focused exclusively on the upscale market throughout its long history, goes further than Reiter. Lazaris credits this year’s increase in industry sales almost entirely to the mass market.

The most glowing reports on the frame business do, in fact, come from mass market vendors. “Business has been very good for us,” comments Kim Kiner, director of marketing and product development for Acme Frame Products. “We’ve had fantastic results from new collections and promotions. The market is receptive, buyers as well as consumers.”

Frank Bigger, president of Magee Co. says he is “more excited about the industry than in years.” Not only is Bigger’s own business up substantially, there are indications the entire mass market frame business is thriving, he says. One indication is the worldwide shortage of flat glass, to which increased demand from frame vendors has contributed.

Another is that mass retailers are seeking a higher gross margin in frames. “A year or two ago, retailers were content with a 40 percent gross margin,” Bigger notes. “Now, they’re looking for 50 percent. The category must be strong for this to happen.”

If mass market vendors are more bullish than their upscale market counterparts, retailers at every level give positive reports on frame sales. This seems to reflect the success of dramatic price reductions in the upscale market and of heavy price-point promoting at all levels.

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4 Big mistakes in quadriceps training using power rack Thu, 10 Mar 2016 12:16:24 +0000 With more meat than the counter of a butcher, decorated with engravings ravines vertical and horizontal, the quadriceps can cause sensation. Unfortunately most bodybuilders never get to maximize your quads because they are constantly tricking their leg workouts.

In this article, we will examine the most common mistakes in training the quadriceps and expose a series of tips to fix each of them so that the time spent on the squat cage being useful. Consider starting with check out our best power rack until you master the technique, then advanced to squats with free weights.

  1. Incorrect target zone

Here you have a persistent myth: to focus more on your quads when using the power rack. In fact, the opposite is what is happening that way. Also, many believe that a position with greater separation works the outside of the quadriceps and closer working over the inner zone, wrong again.

The fact is that even some experienced bodybuilders do not know how better to work all four muscles that makes up the quadriceps and the different muscles of the upper and inner thighs. Solutions: Place the toes looking inward to work more outside (vastus lateralis), put them out to work more inside (vastus medialis). Keep your feet under your hips during exercises like squats using squat rack.

  1. Using a shortened range of motion you can see in every gym.

Loading up to the press to hopefully do half reps, bending your knees just enough so that the load is still moving. That same shortened bending occurs in squats, squats machine Hack and often even quadriceps extensions. Whenever a bodybuilder trains quadriceps easiest thing is to follow a common pattern; do the full movement, first because doing leg exercises series of complete repetitions doing it is hard and allows them incomplete carry more weight; creating the illusion of a more hard training, so the quadriceps pass worked with “mini-repeats”.

By limiting the range of motion you are limiting your growth.

Solutions: each repetition of most sets of squats should reach the point where your quads are parallel to the floor, if not more (e.g., deep squat where the parallel is passed). The exception to this rule is when half squat is to focus more on the vastus medialis, which research has proven effective. Any type of leg press (press) must fall at least until your quads are parallel to the footplate. In a press at 45 your knees should touch your breast without your buttocks up off the seat as a strain would be located in the lower back.

In squats, leg presses (press) should be blocked briefly and stop just before the crash. When running extensions should go from full extension (calf perpendicular to the thighs) to full contraction, where it will briefly lock your knees and tighten the quadriceps. In stride, adduction of thigh and any other leg exercise should achieve a total contraction and stretching.

You may want to extend the number of series in a machine for making partial leg, but do it only after reaching the failure repeats full range.

  1. Go too heavy

You want to do the weightlifting right in or weight room, you feel that your home is still the best place to exercise. However, practicing at home also means that you have to be aware of the target and the heavy.

This error is almost always linked to that precedes it, as going too heavy leads to truncate the reps and doing this allows you to go too heavy. This feeds your ego. And what’s more, even if you’re doing squats down well, could end up making a pyramid to reach working singles (1 repeat) or 2 reps just to put as much weight as possible in every workout, this is to feed your pride but earning little or no muscle.

Solutions: Make the full range of motion (see Error # 2). Keep reps, for most of the series, the range of 8-12 repetitions. Focus on the muscles, not weight.

  1. Do squats with an incorrect technical

Many bodybuilders lean too far forward and cast their hips too far back, working his back, hips and ass significantly more than their quadriceps. The worst is that it could deform your spinal erectors. If you’re doing wrong squats, it is better not to make them. A better option is to practice the right way to this fantastic exercise until you get it right every single time.

Solutions: Usually when you adopt a greater separation than your shoulders, are best done with your toes facing slightly out, but find the separation that allows you to stay as straight as possible. Often, higher bodybuilders need a separation of the larger foot. Emphasizes the arch in your lower back. Look straight ahead at each repetition. While low, keep your ass over heels, as if you were going to sit in a chair. At start up, move your hips rather than the knees. Practice proper technique by sitting (just touching the ass), waking up from a bench, chair or box that is to the height of the parallel. Do not use a light load until you master.


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Framed art and framing materials for Irving Wed, 24 Feb 2016 13:45:14 +0000 Richard Varga, buyer of frames, framed art and framing materials for Irving, Tex.-based Michael’s, reports his frame business is up over last year by a “healthy amount.” Varga explains that, in the past year and a half, the 380-store crafts chain has gone to a more value-driven program in photo frames, offering them as a “true value” at 50 percent off regular retail. In addition, Michael’s has eliminated deadwood from the assortment, Varga says.


Rich Lento, senior housewares buyer for Jamesway Corp., says that highlighting the promotional assortment has helped the Secaucus, N.J.-based mass merchant achieve 11-to-12-percent sales growth in frames this year. (Jamesway’s frame business had been flat in 1993 – a year in which the chain filed for chapter 11 protection – after four or five years of steady growth.)

Jamesway highlights its assortment of two-for-$5, two-for-$6 and two-for-$7 frames in a mini gondola in the middle of the traffic aisle. This approach has been so successful, according to Lento, that the ratio of promotional to basic frame business at Jamesway has reversed itself since last year – from 44/56 to 56/44. “As long as we impulse the area, the business will continue to grow.”

Special purchases have also helped Jamesway’s frame business grow in 1994, Lento adds. One such purchase enabled the mass merchant to retail solid oak frames, formerly part of its basic business, between $3 (for a 3.5-x5-inch frame) and $7 (for a 16 x 20) and to “basically quadruple our sales of these frames.” Bonus packs have also become a major part of Jamesway’s frame business.

“Customers are very much demanding value, although they still want quality,” echoes the stationery buyer for a Midwest department store who says his frame sales are running about 4 percent ahead of last year on a comparable-store basis. Unit sales are up more than dollars, the buyer adds, because the average retail price has come down. And “$9.99 is a real heavy price point. Most of our ads emphasize price point, although they also mention that the balance of the frame assortment is available at 20 percent off.”

The $9.99 price point is also the heart of the frame business for the Moto Photo photoprocessing chain, which continues to post double-digit increases in the category. At the same time, the Dayton, Ohio-based retailer/franchisor has added some $14.99 frames that are doing nicely, merchandise manager Debbie Roe reports. These frames do not represent a huge business, but Roe says the fact that she can sell them bodes well for the future.

She also notes that consumer interest in frames and photo storage remains high and that Moto Photo franchisees are excited about these products and “stock more of them everyday.”

Also continuing to show double-digit increases, and with strong sales at slightly higher prices, is the Kohl’s department store chain. “We are doing price promoting, but layered on top of our existing basic business,” notes Gary Lewandowski, stationery buyer for the Menomee, Wis.-based retailer.

“Price promoting is not the biggest part of our business,” Lewandowski adds. “The customer is willing to spend more if the frame is right. For me, $11 to $16 is the strongest price range in frames.”

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Wall frames and poster frames are a huge business Sun, 24 Jan 2016 03:39:01 +0000 Frame vendors agree that the reason dollar growth has been concentrated at mass in recent years is that technology has improved the design and quality of mass market frames without necessitating a corresponding increase in prices. At the same time, this improvement, coupled with the emergence of a more value-oriented consumer, has dictated a drastic reduction in the pricing of upscale market frames.

“The mass channel has probably experienced a higher than normal growth rate because the technology now available in Asia is providing it with an opportunity,” observes Rich Giron, vice president of sales and marketing for upscale market vendor Fetco international.

Meanwhile, “the upscale frame market has been coming down to the $9.99 price point to counter what the mass market is doing,” notes Barry Cohen, vice president and general manager of the Weston Gallery.

The ability to achieve expensive wood looks inexpensively with extruded plastic, for example, has helped mass retailers grow their share of the frame market, at the same time it has driven prices sharply down in the upscale market. Acme’s Kiner notes that ornate gold frames resembling wood, but done on polystyrene for a fraction of the cost, have been Acme’s most popular promotional offering this year, at $5 apiece or even two for $6.

Kiner attributes the success of Acme’s promotional business in general – “promotional business has far exceeded our forecasts” – to a much stronger emphasis on fashion.

Intercraft Industries has had “incredible” retail response to its newest upscale entry, reports Scott Slater, vice president of merchandising. The Connoisseur line, launched in September for the Christmas selling season, consists of department-store-type goods at prices that are about half of what they would be in department stores, according to Slater. The price points are $6.99, $9.99 and $14.99.

Reiter of MCS describes the trend at mass as one toward more upscale product at slightly higher retail prices. Such frames are retailing as well as, if not better than, staples, he says.

“We as mass market vendors are putting more pressure on the upper-end people to be creative and differentiate themselves,” observes Steven Scheyer, executive vice president of Decorel. Scheyer says his company “is now doing some of the same things as Burnes” and that, as a result, “there’s much less difference now between the frame assortments at Kmart and Stern’s, for example.”

The mass and upscale markets are coming closing together in more direct ways as well – through acquisitions, for one. Following the path laid down by Burnes when it acquired mass market vendor Holson in 1989, Decorel this year acquired two upscale market frame vendors, Rare Woods and Dax, later merging them into one entity known as Rare Woods Dax. Headquartered in Orangeburg, N.Y., the new company is headed by former Acme and MCS executive Dave Richardson as senior vice president.

Rare Woods Dax is responding to a growth opportunity for poster frames in its market, Scheyer reports. “In the mass market, wall frames and poster frames are a huge business, but the upper-end market had the attitude that everything had to be table-top.”

Although Rare Woods had always been a supplier of tabletop frames, Dax’s strength was in wall frames, Scheyer notes. “We’re approaching high-end frames as a full-line category. We’re coming in with a full menu as the first full-line frame supplier to the upper end.”

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What do you know about shutters Wed, 02 Dec 2015 05:54:43 +0000 Shutters for windows not only dampen the light when it is time to sleep, but also perform other important functions in your home. A shutter protects against the sun, burglars, unwanted glances and ensures better insulation. In this article, we will provide some tips and information about the shutters that are needed for your purchase.

Shutters protect against intruders

There are many kinds of protections against intrusion at home, starting with bars and ending with alarm systems. A very good way to protect yourself and the house is using shutters (do not confuse with louvers). Whether it is mechanical or electric roller shutters, it offers secure protection at home.

The insulating effect of shutters

And not only that! A shutter ensures privacy, protect against noise and also serves as thermal insulation. A shutter in the bedroom offers absolute darkness. And as for thermal insulation and energy saving: with a distance of 10 cm between window and wall, shutter reduces the external temperature of 8 to 10 degrees. So if the whole house is equipped with shutters and if that is closed at night, it saves a lot of heating costs in the winter.

The house which is located near or directly along a busy main road, near a school or something like that, is often affected by the noise which can be significantly reduced by a shutter. For discoloration of furniture from the sun, a shutter offers adequate protection.

Intrusion prevention shutters

However, the main reason to mount a shutter is protection against intrusion. To protect a house optimal with shutters, it is important that the thickness is proportional to the window size. A sprung suspension automatically prevents a shutter from being pushed up.

Violent dismantling of the shutter causes a lot of noise. Depending on the quality, the price can vary from about € 200 per square meter to several hundred euros.

Electronically or manually operated shutters?

The time that your shutters need muscle power to pull up is long gone. In the meantime, roller shutters can also be electronically operated and have a motor that is taken over the human labor. But everything new is really better? Some advantages and disadvantages of electronic and manual shutters, we have put together here.

The advantages of mechanical shutters

  • The biggest advantage of electronically controlled shutters is obvious: eliminate the physical effort and it creates a certain degree of comfort. Especially for large window frames, in which the hoisting of heavy shutters nevertheless is associated with a certain effort, this is a relief. A small push of a button and the shutter completely slips naturally into the desired position.
  • Also to deter thieves, an electronically controlled shutter is a very effective means. Use a timer to close and open as desired in the program. Even if the occupants are on holiday or a weekend break, in this way, the property is occupied.
  • In the cold season, you can also save valuable energy for a closed shutter which also has an insulating effect. And in the evening that you have to work a little longer, electronically controlled shutters close at the break of dusk naturally keep valuable heat in the house.

The disadvantages of mechanically operated shutters

  • As obvious disadvantage, it can be argued that the purchase cost of electronically controlled shutters are much higher.
  • Also, the sensitivity to interference of the electronics is of course higher than the wear of a manual version. For transfer costs, maintenance and repairs, it must cost a lot more for the wallet.
  • Moreover, it usually only be performed by qualified personnel with the problems on the electronic components, especially for the elderly, who are usually unfamiliar with electronic devices, they often have problems with the operation and need some help
  • Programming the timer can also be perceived as difficult. That, however, depends entirely on the personal circumstances and the affinity with technology by the user
  • Also, one should be careful with electronic shutters which are placed at terrace and balcony doors. If the timer is programmed, it can happen that one is in the garden and as the time is set, he or she loses the sight. Then, when the shutter closes automatically at a certain time, it can happen that one excludes himself.


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Camping in the garden – A wonderful experience Mon, 23 Nov 2015 15:49:36 +0000 Sleep in a tent for one night will make most children very enthusiastic, especially when they are with the whole family. Perhaps they can help even with the tent build and set up.

Warm summer nights without rain are particularly suitable for this adventure. But even if at night during electrical storms – the way to the house is not far. Camping in your backyard does not present any risks and just as much fun as a camping trip to the lake or going on holiday. Then you should look for the best camping equipment together with your child.

What you need for camping in the garden

Of course the most important tool if you want to camp with your child in the garden is a tent. Do you not have your own tent and you do not camp often? You can borrow one from friends or neighbors or opt for one of cheap camping tents for sale in the super markets. For the overnight stay in a tent, you need an insulated pad. This may be a sleeping pad or air mattress, also sheepskins are ideal as an insulating underlay. Finally, you need a sleeping bag or a pillow with blanket, even if in the summer. And finally, a flashlight is needed – because it is nice and convenient if you or your child have a night out. Think of mosquito repellent. If your tent does not have a safe mosquito net, you should rub mosquito repellent cream on yourself and your child thoroughly.

To have fun with your children while camping

If you only have bare tents, it is too boring in the garden, you can come up with the event with your little child. A garden camping trip without childish nagging? With our tips that’s no problem! The tents in your backyard can provide you and your child with a lot of fun game and adventure. Let yourself be infected by the spirit of adventure and joy with your young children to enjoy the camping and tighten the family bond.

Build a campfire.

Tents for sale are available in the market, take one and gather all at the evening around the campfire to tell stories and sing songs. A particularly beautiful camp-mood comes up when one of the parents can accompany the singing with a guitar.

Broil marshmallows and French bread.

The popular classics at every campfire! Organize a campfire or take fire bowl or charcoal to grill food on. Sausage on a stick or marshmallow candy really nice outdoor feeling. Gather together with the children and grill marshmallows with bread dough and help younger children during roasting of delicacies.

Host a night hike.

Make a night walk together with the child only with a flashlight. After that, it is especially nice to cuddle up together into the tent. Most kids love night walks with a certain horror factor. In your camping equipment list, the flashlight therefore should not be missing.

Play games in the afternoon

If the weather makes the outdoor activities impossible, you can also play the favorite board games of the family in the tent. Age-appropriate card and board games or puzzle with not too many small parts can be best time-consuming game.

Organize a scavenger hunt.

The area on and around the campsite is ideal for a treasure hunt. Little explorers can explore in this way while playing in the nature with prepared notes (pen and paper) you have wrapped on the wick.

Hold a contest.

Open a volleyball, football or badminton tournament. Form at lease two different teams with the whole family member. Such tournaments give your children a great opportunity to get to know their peers.

Embark on expedition.

Become a researcher with a plant identification book and go on expedition in the nature. Imagine you were a researcher on squad on expedition through a mysterious jungle. You will be surprised, which variety of plants met you on expedition through a mysterious jungle.

Shadow Theater in the tents

Flashlight and tent wall give the perfect stage for an exciting and fun shadow theater, which complements the bed time story with character made of your own hands. All you need are flashlights and tents for sale in the store.

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House hunting? Helpful tips for finding a home Sat, 03 Oct 2015 17:26:47 +0000 Are you looking for a new home? Then you will have to make sure that you are well informed about everything needed before going on a decision. Buying a new home is in fact not just like buying something like a pack of butter at the supermarket. You will need to deepen well into your needs and what available options there are. In that way, you can better focus on house hunting. There is sometimes a widely national Open House Day held by brokers. This is also a great opportunity for you to orient properly.

House hunting?

So if you are a house hunter and you want to find a new home that best suits you as soon as possible? The Open House Day can therefore be an ideal way to see several houses at the same time in one day. The housing agents regularly hold such a day like that. Often such a day will be announced substantial via radio, television, but also in regional newspapers. On the internet you also can probably find it out, for example by searching on Google or other housing sites.

The advantage of these days is that you do not need to make an appointment or to view a house. There will always be someone who is ready to show you around a few house that fit your need. An additional advantage is that you can even go and see houses where you will have no appointment normally made. And who knows precisely what that house is like when you will visit it. A housing online agent often, such as Funda, has already given a lot of good pictures, but it is always different in real life. So see it with your own eyes is definitely better

Another added advantage is that you can compare several houses easily. As recommended above, you can see several houses and so you may well look at the difference of houses, for example the needed maintenance, the size of the garden and / or the layout of the house which may be good or, in other way, disappointing.


There are a number of things that could be useful to keep in mind when you go on the purchase. By well prepare to go for house hunting, it is easier for yourself to choose one from several homes you will be visiting. Get to know you better: what you want to watch and therefore you can compare better.

Some advice which can be useful when searching:

  • Make yourself a list of what you need for your new home: How many bedrooms would like to have? How should the garden be? How far is it from your work? And what are the facilities in the area? There are schools, shops and hospitals nearby? And how is the neighborhood? There are a lot of things you can put in your list.
  • What are your financial resources? Once you know this, the wide range of many options is narrowed a lot. Which house would you like to visit? And does it fall into your price range? This makes the choice a lot easier.
  • Orient you in advance and search for more information in advance. Which properties do you want to see in a new home? After that you can already carry out a pre-selection. This saves you a lot of time at home that you do not want to buy and you can use it for a home you like.
  • When you go see houses on such an open day, then it is useful to advance a pathway to orchestrate what is most efficient. This helps to save you more time for the housing than parking your car.
  • If a house has a property you already do not like, then go straight away. Do not waste your time. Also take a maximum time for a home in your mind.
  • When you have viewed a property, it is wise to make a report. This will give a good and clear picture of the house for yourself.
  • If you have a property in mind … make an appointment as soon as possible with the broker and go into negotiations.

Good luck with finding your dream home!

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