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Just from the press. Brim full of the most valuable

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than natural, and the head was constantly pressing backwards forcibly, as if

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A careful study of tlie Medical Commissioners' Londesborough, Sc-ar-

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history of inflammation, particularly of erysipelas or other skin

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In rare cases there occurs an acute interstitial inflammation of the

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bom with a certain degree of immunity. This was shown to be the

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height, with a breadth of back and sesquipedality of belly which might

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the author considers that the latter predisposes to the development of

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have been found difficult b}' the faculty to effect a cure, because its

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spontaneously. Very often anaemia or chlorosis appears to play the most

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Diseases of the Nervous System.' One is the case of a gouty man, aged fifty-

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by passing two large silk sutures through the substance of

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that the blood-pressure-raising substance represents the essential and

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ally too late to influence it by the removal of the offend-

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produced the symptoms of hay fever in the patient's son on entering

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lossa. Proc. As.s. Am. Anat. 1895, Wash., 1896, viii, 74-87,

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complex offence than a wrong act inflicted upon one's self.

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ly Botanic S<>ciei)," and by a resolution of said Society,

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be made. This diagnosis should be made by a routine exami-

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" Of the twenty-six microscopes I examined, one magnifies the

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Dr. J. F. Anderson read a paper entitled "The Problem of

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identical. It is stated, however, that when cancer attacks the

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bald Richmond, of the Bengal Artillery, having been told the

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(4) Corrective. — Orthopaedics is a subject which at once calls for the

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The Action of Electricity on the Sympathetic. — Dr.

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arising from what is called catching cold, but presently a slight fever came

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vision was clearer at the end of that period than at the beginning.

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be anomalous, its exact departure from the type may be not

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ener of the digestive organs; assisting them to perform their functions

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for 30 years show that of those troops who had not been

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Pathology. — Based upon the general manifestations of de-

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from the fact that, back of the septal deformity, there is

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