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Third the immediate federalization of the health agencies of the

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Gutting cover with printed title from Am. Anthrop.

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an enlargement of the thyroid gland. It is mostly found its pro

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The only representative of group i heartwater of rumi

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time after history taking and to avoid prejudice the nature of the reaction

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whom the foramen ovale was unclosed and it is pos.sible that

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lactic measures must be supplemented by other reme

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used as a substitute for the elastic ligature. In the British Medi

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Thus in a large number of diseases intraocular changes

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on the gums from being turgid swollen and red they assume

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with mrrosonaphthol reagent. Safe use in pregnancy has i

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nancj in a uterus bicornis probably at the fifth montli. She was

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to ensure the continuous escape of nitrous oxide from the bottle during

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I am indebted to Dr. Asa B. Davis chief surgeon and the house

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during whicli time she disch.irgcd daily from one to two pints of

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nus. Irritation of the central end of this nerve diminishes

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ventricle extends in front of it while the posterior portion

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During the development of these changes the animals mani

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burst leaving reddened moist places which later become also

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Panel where the findings are admissible in a court of

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casions with copies of the examination papers which uniformly have

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a patient of Robin a young man voided oxalic gravel.

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to eight times daily according to the requirements of the case.

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of Medicine. Detroit The Illustrated Medical Journal

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inhalation narcotic v to oi As an antispasmodic in

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acute cold. His history in the majority of cases dis

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first roused the profession to a sense of the perils of puer

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through the inflamed part and shreds of necrotic tissue

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Acid. Such a draught is an agreeable refrigerant and diaphoretic

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