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mention of surgery. This work is divided into five parts, of
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By far the most serious of typhoid changes occur in the intestine,
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nal canal. But we must resort to many other ways, chief of which
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lesion found, occasionally with involvement of the cervical meninges
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The plates' and the two flasks were then placed in the cellar of the
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the third case proved the most successful, it is clear that
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and edited by Professor D. Barduzzi, Director of the " Dermo-
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more of its cases it can get removed the better; nor can it
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districts are Wood Green and Southend-on-Sea, whose medical officers
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Dr. Tuke. He hoped that when this question was referred to
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aging of the cells and then their death. It should be borne in mind,
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of this Branch will be held on Tuesday, June 27th. Dr. C. W. Suck-
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derma, where the pigmentary outlines are sharply defined, and con-
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This enlargement may be even more pronounced than that of the liver
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and secondly, many instances are on record in whicli inclividiuds
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him select a rising place in a healthy and rising colony, take what he
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Italy for persons attending the Congress. The party will start on
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may be accompanied by interstitial hemorrhages. Owing to this
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Carlyle Johnstone, Dr. John Keay, Dr. John Macpherson.
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the sensation itself often varies in kind, according to the tissue in-
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permanently many of these patients are relieved by slight oi>era-
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combined with iridectomy, they were less satisfactory on the
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Arrangements had been made for a special meeting to be
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lungs and of the liver. When this process occurs in nervous textures
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Previously to this, however, the story of the antecedent symptoms
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of crime. I would make it illegal for any body to be intended
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leg. At the present time (April, LSitX) the girl is quite well.
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sample of chloroform wliich caused death in Manchester oyer
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might not be overlooked. I was somewhat surprised, therefore, to
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tion attend the forthcoming meeting. The population of
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