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vidence, R. I., with the co-operation of Drs. A. B. Briggs,
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groom, assisted by the Rev. F. E. Mortimer, Rector of the parish,
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heat, and so one would destroy both ferment and fermentable
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of Brain Aiiatomv, bias worked out the relations of the ven-
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various editions of Hamilton on Fractures mentions it; Gaillard,
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the case occurs in a town, and where the hospital itself is sufficiently
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Diseases of the Nose and its Accessor!/ Cavities. Essentially
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gynaecology, on which the Professor of Obstetri<?s lectures, has become a
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have sent a catalogue of coated pills containing more than
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leucoc) tliwmia in whom the administration of arsenic had
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Speech was glow, and devoid of tone.^ She Comp lained o f an
ing them we learn that the attendant on the first case, who had been
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years had suffered from Myxcedema, and who had been cured,
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Madeira.— On the evening of the fourth day a few of my
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Mr. Widdicombe, Mr. Eichholz, Mr. Deighton, Mr. Hickson,
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' rUsqidsllinns in the IIistnr1in^^edtci'ne',''Ki\Bhurgh, l8lf; p.'lisi, ribt'ei." '
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full consideration.— I am, Sir, your obedient servant,
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avenged 2.1 per I. CfO'j in the thirty-two provincial towns. No fatal case
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Power, M.B., London ; Mr. J. H. Parry, Bristol; H. Philpots, M.B.,
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Sotiiica ion of Disease.'^.— 'Mr. H. H. Fowler, in reply to Mr. Macoova,
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SALFORD ROYAL HOSPITAL, Salford.— House-Surgeon. Salary, £100
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geon and Honorary Surgeon-Major George Bretherton Baron, retired,
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and fourth days respectively after the onset of symptoms.
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pox and cholera are adding new emphasis to the demand for
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Liebermann's original view that nuclein is simply a com-
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would not be collected for the vaccination of other persons.
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Street, Liverpool. Local Secretaries: William Lauder, JI.D.,
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but the interests of the Russo- Persian trade are to be studied as much as
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irusted that the institution would have its laboratories, its
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be chosen ; to allow the board the right of nominating their own chair-
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ness to undergo intramolecular rearrangements of their atoms
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The next point taken up was whether the lecithin, which I
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structure quite as clearly as those taken from sections of
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Dr. Klein's objections, to which you draw attention, do
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Jfni^tJ remedies, and furnishes recipes in a form not
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tissues. If a saturated solution of methylene blue is injected
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Garden, E.C., in which the glass is flattened on each side of

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