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through which air is forced, by the acts of breathing, into the cavity of

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These pathological variations constitute characters symptomatic of dis-

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system of hygiene. Positive assurances of the absence of organic disease,

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greater uniformity of temperature. Situated so near the equa>

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the institution furnished him with the use of a horse and gig.

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Sugar is an organic substance which exists in the blood in health. It

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An interesting example of fatty degeneration is afforded by the cornea

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supposed to be inflammation of the pleura. The intensity of the pain

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The question at once arises, what constitutes the parenchyma, or substance

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paroxysms of coughing or any violent ph3^sical exertion. The functions

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chapter.- Trial should always be made of the iodide of potassium. The

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the care of a homoeopathist previously to being seen by Dr. H.

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in simple acute, and subacute larj^igitis in children, and in lar3^gitis with

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The characteristic stools, which follow the expulsion of the fecal contents

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others are comparatively unimpoi'tant to the practitioner, either on account

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in consequence there was a large and i^apid growth of hydatids,

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of psoriasis— in all of them with good results. Within a

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blue mass were administered, and a blister was applied over the

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met therapeutically, the first objects are to ascertain and remove, if practi-

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the left ventricle. Other things being equal, the length of this line is a

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The cold half of the year, or the first and fourth quarters, show

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ling, especially in the summer season. Its occurrence is generally attri-

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prominent symptom in certain cases, constituting tympanites. The t3^m-

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or has already taken place. The nature of the disease, it is

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remedy much power in abridging the duration of the affection, as well as

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prostration, 'which had, in a measure, obliged her to keep in

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tinue for an indelinite period. Acute dysenterj^, however, very rarely

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lows to certain affections of the uterus in which an erroneous diag-

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