Bactrim Vs Dapsone Vs Pentamidine


through simple handicrafts having their initiative in the kin-

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Fig. 11.— Temperature-curve in a case of double tertian fever. C. F. C, aged forty-one years.

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disease does not differ from that advised in typhoid fever, except that a

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specialists and treated by this method have afforded such satisfactory

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gradually abate, while those most characteristic of typhoid (enlarged

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however, pigment-granules and red corpuscles containing parasites and


I\, to which a level teaspoonful of salt or bicarbonate of sodium has been

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four to six hours before the next paroxysm is due. It may matter little

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on section the gray matter may present punctate extravasations. When

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below 80° F. (26.6° C), and in the aged, the very young, and in per-

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the patient cool. I often sponged the whole body with cold water,

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cases reported was the United States government serum of

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out being cured. It is true that a large proportion of stomach cases are

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or with Gabbett's solution (methylene-blue 2 gm., sulphuric acid 25

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healthy children and in the inflamed mucous surfaces met with in ery-

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infra), and they may or may not show the more usual intestinal lesions.

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patient. I measured the times the pains came, and how long they

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then to apply this agent in equal parts with the oil of thyme (San-

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For a considerable number of years we have been greatly

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and many are now made comfortable, where formerly their

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With 120 illustrations. Philadelphia: F. A. Davis Com-

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venous portion, which combine a short distance below the point of the

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best writers, yet often in such an indefinite and uncertain manner as to

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diarrhoea, that the high internal temperature is liable to escape obser-

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scious for twenty-four hours, and suffering from eclamptic attacks

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blood in joyous currents through the sluggish arteries, removing hypo-

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sinc. One tablet in (U) minims nf watiT makes a 2*7^ solution.

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mals as well. In American grapes the seeds are held together

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this subject have already been discussed {diet, time for getting vp, etc.).

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apyrexia they allow rolls, rice, cream, tapioca, chocolate, four soft

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(a) The eruption, which is a dermatitis of very mild grade, (b) Scarlatinal

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night. The physiognomy of the child commences to change, the face is

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