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that the attack of the husband had nothing to do with

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ferentiating the two lesions, and the deciding factor must be serologic

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and in some instances also the main clinical features of the case

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requires fuch an evacuation. In the cafe z , of which

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pneumococcus, and a streptococcus. To this has probably to be added

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eases of glanders, between the years 1859 and 1875, in that State.

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births, as by a diminished death-rate ; in England,

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pletely (Fig. 303). Having now reached the sublingual space, you

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cure. He had known such cases. Where there was pain, opium gave

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below the seat of operation. Bier had employed this method of

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the leg. Coma gradually set in, became profound, and ended in death.

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of the little details of which I have spoken in con-

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Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment; A Double Blow to

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is now so well known that it is not necessary to describe it here ;

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views all around ; bowling alleys; bt>itts; billiard table ; pianos ; gymnas-

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has continuously improved. By November, 1914, he w^as again able to

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facial hemiatrophy, of many years standing, in a woman. This

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patient who has had no previous preparation, should

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the women employees to leave five minutes before the men, thereby

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community hospital to national lung cancer statistics. We have

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Vinger, P.F.: Sports eye injuries: A model for prevention. JAMA, 1983.

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Surgery," it is stated that : " Nitrite of amyl has i-e-

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1909. Dana, Charles Loomis, M.D., 53 West Fifty-third Street,

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hinder part of the posterior median fissure — the column of Goll : this

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opposes a non-infecting plugging through thrombosis and embolism and their

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name of Thomson, or a Thomsonian. The same sentiment he has ex-

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the quantity present in the urine. Urea consists of seven-

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two thousand dollars, if the woman survives (P. S. 207, § 9). In Maine

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Acid Hydrocyanic Diluted, as pi-epared by the official process, is still

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are circular in section, and vary in diameter from 2 to 36

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