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sexes and at any age except perhaps infancy. Rumination may exist
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acid. They are then thoroughly washed with a disinfectant
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bla lt k sordes gums cheeky an tongue sore and ulcerated
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formed into a consistent moderately firm mass sufficiently plastic to admit
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extensive as to result in scars or other permanent deformi
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quarters intensified the dread with which the disease is regarded the terrible
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should follow rub on a few drops of arnica. This kind of deformity
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rection of those gross singularities of character and errors of
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a violent hemorrhage brought the patient to death s door again he rallied
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however they enable us to recognize and to describe two different
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gated patobee partioularly on tbe borders and tip. In
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with a very fierce and threatening expression calling at them
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water tannic and gallic acid creasote and bromide of potassium are
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the vast majority of the acute cases time is afforded us for careful
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to fourteen years was the age of predilection. He says Whenever
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bad plan to throw the empty shells into the poultry
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caused pains in the joints and of another in whom Burgundy
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medical treatment. The paroxysms of dyspncea or catchings did not however
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compounds exert upon them and their vitality raised or depressed. It
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eruption. The impression in fact that cow pox is generally
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they increase in length the contents become slightly opaque and
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by my process. It is absolutely essential that no morpho
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this presumption namely remittent fevers are known to pass
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taneous tissues with discolorations of the overlying skin. Epistaxis is
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deeper portion of the skin it is therefore always ad
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of locating and looking after cases of tuberculosis
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most of the work has I believe been done by one or other
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A Prize for North Carolina Physicians. The publishers of this
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per day is not accurately known but probably amounts to at least
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further without submitting tlie amendments to tlie entire profession in
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arrest of the vomitings. Pregnancy went on in due course and the
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Three months after this operation a second attempt was
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scent of nearly a line corresponding with the course of the
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great advantage. I also ought to contrast it with the method which
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mind are oppressed denoting the fulness of the system. It
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the sera had reached their highest agglutinating point with the
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gauge a sleeve an inflating bulb and two short pieces
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