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to public health which attracted large audiences and it is to be hoped

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are the first to feel the full effects of the pressure or poison.

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tion is not on account of the disease but because of the

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seen her have decided that an operation is necessary to

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present six times a distinct history of gall stones in four

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Thaw trial the Judge evidently considered that the evidenc

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Hawthorne William Rede University Engineering Laboratory Uni

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already operating with tremendous deficits. But is society responsible

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disorder. He says It is a lung disease beginning in an

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duodenum in a bog a needle came from an unknown part of

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nald Harrison and others took part. No definite conclusions

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epidemic influenza has quickly brought into being. It

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ing induration and involvement of the submaxillary lymphatic

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distinguishable even in the most digested portions of the gland are very

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might be of service before we consider the book itself Dr Pavy

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tion and a large flow of tears is poured into the eye.

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the painful joint affection as in this case. These are the more

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finds the greatest benefit from the free use of the alkalies. So

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over carbuncles they help to give drainage through smaller incisions

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below the left lower pulmonary vein received the great coronary

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blood vessels are atheromatous thickened tortuous and sometimes vari

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of some of these diseases whatever it may be does not

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Of other remedies inhalation of oxygen has been recommended and there

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causes by w hich the energy of the stomach may be im

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staff of St Vincent s Hospital a veteran of the Franco

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