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key has been thrown into a deep well of metaphysical specula-
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of a microscopical picture. Although the identity of the coloring mat-
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floating in water with or without the latter organ. The scalp presented no
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the whole alimentary canal, and there is redness of the buccal
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vessels the one with glycerine extract of thyroid was by
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aortic arch and other anomalies of the great vessels,
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Recovery. — M. B., a man, aged twenty-four years ; gave a liis-
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bloody and, during the period of constipation, may be as infrequent as
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Now this gentleman reported that once in his life, twenty
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the negro operators of Senegal base their procedure on the
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accommodate both the welfare of the community and the right to the
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4.' s., iii, 303-307.— Fabricius (J.) Ueber Cysten an der
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as every medal has its reverse side, antipyrine and acetanilid,
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niovemont beiciiininjj in an obscure viilafio of Palestine which,
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mucous membrane, and suggesting an enlarged and possibly

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