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these pains reach their hight, there occurs a scanty discharge, attended

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800-253-4636 ext 652. Fax:301-897-9745. Internet:

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patient succumbed six weeks after admission. Examina-

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Commission, more especially that on Vaccination, which sat for seven

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refractory periods without significantly prolonging sinus

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Ovary Involved. — As regards the seat of ovarian fibromata, we find that the

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The tendons were lengthened two and one-half inches,

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thousand dollars per annum. This would insure all of the work to be

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taking a few uncooked eggs daily is not so very great.

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escaping. The biceps-jerk will be lost and the triceps-jerk present. Whm the

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Maternity and General Hospital. His residency was taken

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hypertrophy of fatty tissue interspersed among fibres of connective tissue.

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Dear Confrere — The Homoeopathische Centralverein Deutsch-

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draws the conclusion that the need for protein food by adults may

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I may add that, according to the general testimony of

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Dr. Almy's remarkable memory enabled him to give interesting

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two series : the first, those treated in the Willard Parker

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interested in the expansion of voluntary health insurance.

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Early in the study the bacteria were grown as follows: On large

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Effect of Serum Injections on Leucocytes of Normal Rabbits.

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the inunction the flannel coverings should be carefully adjusted. The

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need for hospitalization. Post-operative and treat-

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than to employ the classification already laid down ; since we are not

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bovine virus, direct from the animal, from erysipelas.

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In the early stages of an insurance system premiums

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the hairs there is no blood, then it foUows that these could not have been

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b Melting point average on 2 pigs only, as the fat of the others was so soft that the melting

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for Medical science, whence Physicians, hygienists, and public

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sibilities from local examiners, but a care- those preventable maladies with which san-

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Dr. V. C. Vaughan: The results of Dr. Gay's work are confirmatory

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In the same city, in a patient affected with simple remittent fever, an asphyxic

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Congenital amputations are scarcely amputations in the usual sense of

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not care to characterise this statement. It is not to be found

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At the stated meeting held March 17. l*!»u. Dr. Jamks R. I.iamim;

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the wants, to dcfVise the means by which these are to be gratified^

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of the intestines and throughout the lungs. The heart

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