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we are not now opei'ating as much as we should, as is
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with unintended pregnancies have abortions with less
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has been a modification of Dr. Currie's. Instead of pour-
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emphatic as to the jjrobable recovery of vision in all
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history. Nor should it be used in conjunction with mood-modifying drugs
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the thick tenacious substance was brought away by the
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subcutaneous injection. The best and safest way is by inhala-
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the case of Dr. Meeres's poor little patient, is not the unusual
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"Wood passes a spear-pointed needle, cutting on both edges and
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determined its precise value as a remedy. Foremost among these
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causes the shock? My belief is that it is the latter. I
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The objections to the use of antitoxin aie, the natural
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used with the greatest care — but what I do most positively
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thoroughly sterilized and then, wrapped in suitable cov-
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surgeon or assistant surgeon, having charge of sick, makes
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whose manufacture of similar Blue Pill, two years ago, was
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the ]jheiionicii()n of acute, transient and circumscribed
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Cancer Conference - 11:00 a.m., St Luke’s Midland Regional Medical Center, Aberdeen, Info: Dr. Roy Burt, 662-5194.
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first operation was performed at a Sioux Falls hospital
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as far as can be consistently with a conscientious regard
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of contractions, by the fact that non-paralysed muscles undergo
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an ordinarily severe bout of asthma, and wanting the signs of
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the retinal images affords increased facilities for recognizing their
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should be offered as rewards for the successful cultivation of
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It is pleasing to note in many parts of the country, nota-
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they been merely superficial I should have endeavoured to stop
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Nobod.y was more skeptical than myself when I first
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databases, for the rapid comparison of samples. Many
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the continued support of our physicians as the Foundation continues to pursue other opportunities
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for this purpose. This method is now used in some of
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Furtliei- efficient use of water is found in hot rectal irri-
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and to speak for those who are not as privileged as I am.
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" Louise Lejeune, aged twenty-nine, two months preg-
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coordination is responsible for such cases at least as
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necessity of the unwearied observations of those who would

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