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such as the atresias. With regard to the operation, beyond remarking
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' retained sac will continue to inject venom unless the stinger
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Acute infectious arthritis, the so-called inflammatory '' rheuma-
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history has proved the existence of organic disease of the brain.'
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fact that the patient must be held in a sitting posture
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urine seemed a clue, all tests for phenol in the urine were negative.
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carbonate, four ounces; mix thoroughly. Of this give a
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Symptoms. — The symptoms vary considerably in different cases, but
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By the earlier surgeons, we have been directed to re-
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quality may remain, this being especially noted when the apices are involved,
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" habit-spasm " has been applied by Sir William Cowers, and which Dr.
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the only bacteria to be found regularly in the normal vaginal secretion, and
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In the right eye the bulbar conjunctiva is relaxed and inelastic, a
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this exception he had frequently witnessed in the attendant on
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examination would in itself be sufficient to settle the diagnosis. How-

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