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length of the ligament was nine tenths of an inch. This

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tures demonstrating that cases could be treated in this

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The successful results which have attended some of the

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of subacute pneumonia which simulates pleurisy with

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prolonged according to Trousseau even to the seventh or eighth week. The

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intestine the ascending colon and the right half of the transverse part

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As a necessary result of the above it would seem that the

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light and heat and mechanical vibration to increase the

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A Practical Treatise on Urinary and Benal Diseases including Uri

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writers of the original volumes have revised their own articles. In placing

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whom his discovery has called forth to explore with more minuteness

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FREE OF CHARGE and if you wish to buy one to show as

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posterior ciliary veins which carry off the blood from the choroid pass

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orrhages in the serous membrane the spleen and the mucous

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tonsils was healed up and the glandular enlargements con

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important address on pneumonia in children by Prof. Henry

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one month the other for two months with strikingly good

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atrophy becomes rapid. Remnants of the gland can be found

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troflexion anteversion anteflexion prolapse ascent and

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W. GILL WYLIE M D. Professor of Gynaecology Gynaecolo

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taught to walk too early it will usually close of itself

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in Surrey Kent and Essex to something equi alent to the distances

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great hardness eburnation independent of the grade of deformity second

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ever undoubted danger in the too free use of the tre


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