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the disease returns after operation it makes so much more

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spiracy and persecution which the very difficult if

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things and they still further know they are guilty of illegal un

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nearly uniform as possible. This is difficult owing to

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the distribution of some of whose vessels has just been described was

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of the sexual function. So long as it continues under

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divided into two perhaps three groups. First the pio

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duced a slight mucopurulent secretion. When the secretion is more abundant

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should be preserved in every woman who has not reached

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The diet to consist of strong beei tea port wine and all the

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accomplished. I know of no disease that yields a better

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changes which the substance of the organ has undergone.

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fate and his God. While the wild waves are sighing a requiem over

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tain intoxications alcohol food poisoning and gas poisoning c follow

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together contraindicating their use. I have sometimes used

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the final results of both anabolism and catabolism

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acters of the lesions were due partly to the high clotting

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name diphtheria a word of evil omen in every household we

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discovered. She had always enjoyed good liealth and to outward

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paints. Zinc may be used as a substitute for lead especially in indoor

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vice may impress their offspring with defective plastic energy and

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Perez on the same subject and announced that he had

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is far from being complete. For full information the

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between these extremes. When there is a small rapid and feeble

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them in either regurgitation or ol struction I feel

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arm and leg the latter being affected less frequently and

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learned as to the preparation and use of vaccines for

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when one may say it is their own fault it is harder

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occurring out of the men three of which were in the persons of

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Diuretin Theobromine Compounds Alkalies Belladonna

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and that by their possession almost exclusively of all the knowledge

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attacked all die Trousseau or the mortality be twenty five per cent.

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In no affection which comes under the notice of the surgeon has so

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markedly hysterical and so regarded by other physicians.

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to Professor Grainger Stewart s interesting sketch. London Lancet.

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On Monday last October the Medical Society of London com

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ism which causes the latter disease usually the staphylococcus or strepto


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