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ligament has not the appalling and dreadful symptoms of intra

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second main depot for the arrest of dust. Only a very small fraction

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tics. The pathological investigations upon the cases

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bands or not. Sometimes a patient had indefinite ap

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a part because of the personal element involved in an arrangement whereby the

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Etiology. Vomiting of blood may arise from several different causes

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the testis some of the Wolffian tubules become effective parts of

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either independently or in connection with any other pur

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the Asylum at Littlemore ap lied to Mr. Ley ilie medical

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be performed in much less time than can complete hyster

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orchard all small fruits ornamental trees and shrubbery. A

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In the extreme northern end of the island in the vicinity of Bangui

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to recommend it to veterinary surgeons and horsemen of

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cases that the later lesions are most liable to make their

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of the pulmonary valve showed a pulpionary tuberculosis.

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symptoms which have fallen under my obsen ation have ended iti

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Dr. BiRKETT when resident in the General Hospital had

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engagements on Lake Ontario between the fleets of Sir James

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nipple is also ably and conservatively handled by Dr. Hartzell the article

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sistence of the albumin indicates that the poisons are still

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on to general anasarca a elifficulty in bieathing which

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teristic grouping. All fibers conducting impulses which give rise to pain

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priests but witches conjurers jugglers and fortune

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that after undergoing a degree of development in water or mud it

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dependent of the cord one about six inches long connecting

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ration of the submaxillary lymph nodes will make the diagnosis

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of work which has hitherto never been mentioned in medical

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I pointed out in a lecture last spring that in a case of

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would not stand sufficient pressure to be thus made to

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tent until that stricture is detected and removed by the use of

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child so that he might not be overstrained. He should

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occurred rarely in patients receiving sulfonamides. Musculoskeletal Arthralgia myalgia

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hydrogen alone furnished its usual yellow precipitate. Decoc

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urine may quickly prove fatal a large majority of the cases recover.


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