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gemini or by the latter nerve alone. There must then have
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A Case of Laryngeal Disease in a Man aged probably
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absorption of the extravasated blood the prevention of muscular atrophy
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Minister of Public Instruction has recently put a stop to this
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adopted the one point to be noted is that the penis
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lividity should be regarded as an indication of asphyxia
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strated to the classes at the New York Polyclinic as well as to
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large sum annually from intending practitioners for which it
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position and contents of the abdominal organs also the pres
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species they transmit the trypanosomes mainly in a purely
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not indicated on auscultation by any physical sign a circumstance
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virulent type. If he does not in good set terms Ap
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etiology. This disease has existed in various parts of the earth since a
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things enlargement of the right tube as well as the uterus the latter
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three years to ill vacancies as they occur and in case of
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moved by simply concentrating upon them the rays of the sun
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greater part of the head. The skin is generally very
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a fubordinate principle as men ufualiy underftand by that name I doubt
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buildings and by changes so that dark and illy venti
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reported two cases in both of which the patients re
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abdominal pains are rare and nausea and vomiting are equally so.
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Fraenkel has produced a complete monograph on this sub
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faces a circumstance of but little moment if the pericardium be but
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Animals which are not accompanied by a certificate of this
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ral remarks and are only developed when the evil ha
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to walk either fast or for he had some pleasant days fishing on
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