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health and life of tl ousands upon thousands of fellow human beings

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adoption of the simultaneous method in which a large dose of the

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surprising that any British patronage or silent approval of

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the latter is a very useful person editor of the New York

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mischief of the kidney and may be merely an index of a favourable

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Englishman to spend his life iu a struggle for privi

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the occurrence of the present attack. No history of

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Paraplegia may be produced in one or other of the following ways

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and correct this difficulty should be properly chosen.

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that their appearance will give the quietus to the impossible

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sulfadiazine penicillin or tyrothricin. This is probably because of the failure

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The physical signs may be incontestable. They are venous pulsation

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In one case it attacked a child for three years con

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With regard to the general action of digalen on both frogs and

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applied the alcoholic solution of creosote thirty drops to the ounce mixed

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ings of King s College Committee Appointed Their Report Resolu

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lieved that pus is formed by the arterial system and

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tinued gastric disorders became suddenly and totally paraplegic in the

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offer a fair criticism of the proceedings of the Medical Coxmcil

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remedies into five divisions. The amp vst psycho therapij

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Bemoval of the omentum with the transverse colon is not a simple

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the bestresults viz. blisters to the head to relieve

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intendent s summary blanks and mail to the State super

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undertaken and here again the value of the rectal finger in bimanual

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ent morphologically like the gonococcus decolorizing

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ness force many men to take a late dinner at five or

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lining for the vessel and thus lessens the friction between the

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general spinal treatment is given and bathing and as much active exer

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sinus was then opened by a median forehead incision combined with an

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necessities of the times so prevalent is it and so much

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precipitum appears after a long period even when mixed with the

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which are that there is no essential difference be

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branches since at this point the mediastinal tissue came

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inferior maxilla sustained a comminuted fractmre of the

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The climate is of course the same as that of San Diego.

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atmospheric pressure the exact time of their onset being either imme

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of cases one class being characterized by the occur

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