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transformation is not directly operated but that various inter
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been removed the operation being the result of intense pain
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a method that was originally devised and which for that day
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having been used for cancer in ancient India and Egypt.
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deformity was the rule and not the exception. gain they
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edict then proceeds to repeat the terms of previous
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Lebanon Hospital on March. but would not consent to
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requires care. An injection of some local anesthetic
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body is divided by Mn Abemcthy into t vo orders nt
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maximum tariff for travelling by District Surgeons upon
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have or which hereafter may become organized in ac
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therapeutic suggestions laid down. The indications are twofold To limit
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Treated withatit antitoxin. l l eases per cent died
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lighting in all laboratories to permit accurate color matching regardless of
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exposure to the sun but on the contrary has been preceded by
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sible. It may be practiced in very thin persons or in enlarged or
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in an early stage. Neither did it resemble a case of
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pock itself showed no hemorrhagic change and the general diathesis
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phate Thialion salt Hunyadi and Kubinat waters aad many
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for psychotherapy. Based upon our examination analysis and
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Prof. Alexander Melville Bell. The bureau was established by
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development. Some of our educational authorities seemed
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Peterson reports a case that had been lanced on the supposition
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forms of tubercular disease point strongly to the probability
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not he too long delayed and the life of the patient thereby endangered
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averted by timely interference. Of such cases I might instance
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puerperal disease extends from the mucous membrane of the
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niycvs l ovis is of sucli rare occurrence that deem it not
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and hence its protective and auto drainage attributes.
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ossified as also were the carotids and femoral arteries.
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been reported in the literature from the use of salt solu
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During his stay in hospital he was treated with pilocarpin hypo
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acute rheumatic affections. A report on a demonstration of the
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three iron plates each two millimetres thick. In all
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Getdes. November suddenly William Geddes of Lam el Bank Elgin
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elands were mastered it looked almost as if we would
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loss of blood. The bleeding was not vicarious as she had
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there was a small cyst in the right Fallopian tube.
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swelling of the kidney tissue is enough to cause pres
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only appears at rare intervals at seaports where it is introduced by
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if inflammation in itself does not cull for these measures it
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food. He dwells furthermore upon the importance of absolute
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of warm water to prevent the bath from cooling while
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tallic salts perchloride of iron sulphate of iron and chloride of


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