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station will be at once placed in charge of experi

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cent solution of celloidin Schering in equal parts of alcohol and ether.

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months without undergoing the slightest decomposition. Its vapours are also

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of their lifetime and would presumably on that account show relatively

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was brought into use with favorable results. This was ipecac.

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have not yet reached them but it is not capable of separating

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the patient a j eared to be in good general condition his only

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care was taken to maintain the membranes unbroken that complete dilatation

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squats bending hips and knees until the hands touch the floor. During the

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The same uncertainty exists with regard to climate. It has

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were rejected for experinicnt purposes on the strength of a nega

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kidneys to the amount of si.x to ten grains of uric acid daily

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Chief Agent for the Government in the Agricultural College

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once or twice daily or intermittently at various inter

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In my experiments it was seen that newly born kids readily

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to whicli labour and the puerperal state are liable.

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profusely for a week or more. There was no constant relationship

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destroy or dissolve away as it were the tissue when no

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horrible murder and barbarous mutilation but at once beg you wi

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disorder of the voluntary motor system. The sensory

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Also a test for sugar in urine. N. cam pho rated used

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the worst in appearance they are the most satisfactory in the

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Dr. Turnbull defines hydrobromic ether to be a pure

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Nursing Record concerning the touching conversion of

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represent the impulses and the upper neopallic lay

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theory of spinal concussion and that in his experience

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Bilateral Complete Duplication of Renal Pelves and Ureters Zaragoza

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and are such as to warrant the belief that the one is


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