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The author then goes on to consider the transmissibility of syphilis by

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oxide. L. paras It tea i Kutzing on fresh water algn

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probably cases of slipping tendons. While however the displace

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resent valvular lesions of the heart and the symptoms

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definitive. Probably after the lapse of one year a final

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er. This worm as well as the lumbricus or round worm is

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the straps have given way the wound is extremely painful

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though merely of a periarticular inflammation and the

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THE last meeting of the College of Physicians and Surgeons

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hourly and there is a certain amount of involuntary

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tion lightly or to stimulate that impression in the

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Hospital and civil practice erysipelas has prevailed in Paris

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difficulty. The onset of general paresis is often characterized by the appear

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admission to the Examination will be returned to the Candidate.

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a direct effect upon the heart like that shown in the tracings

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relation of medical schools to the hospital. That question has been in the

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simply a collection of tine granules and a deposit of brownish yellow

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an immune animal a source of danger to others. Thus newly

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soil in which they grow. In examinations they failed to find pseudo

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duct his case with all the exactness and accuracy as is exigent

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any of that frivolity of character which leads young men

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to enjoy rest which might wrongly lead us to believe in an improvement

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ive enlargement of the abdomen. At the examination on

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the time when the employment ceases. These facts to be stated in

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There is a museum attached to the Hospital containing

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ment. W here the child had been confined to his room

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soon after his return to his quarters became insensible with stertorous

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alleviated the temperature falling and the local symptoms


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