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There were gastro enterotomies on account of carci
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Boudault s Pepsine in powder. Sold only in bottles of eight ounces.
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haemorrhage would have returned and it would have been
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Creve of Mentz in which the term metallic irritation irrllamentum me
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basilic vein followed by a pint of coffee by rectum.
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part by the fire. Repeat this operation four times in the hours
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less or flaccid or falls limply from any unsupported
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always possibility or probability the treatment may be at once resorted
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spoken of counter irritants as extensively applied as
It has been found desirable if possible to arrange that the
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It never causes itching r lt ash or ulceration under the
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lime are added to litres of water in which gm. of anhydrous
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May Favorably Affect This Period of the Child s Growth.
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ducts the second is to combat the effects of uraemia.
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Jaccoud has carefully studied this sudden defervescence and has found it


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