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tuberance t which are attached the vocal and ventricu

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the duty of the physician to see that every emergency is provided for.

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unite syringomyeha and Morvan s disease under one heading. He holds

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axilla were of deep black hue those in the neck of the

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and they presented nothing unusual. The tongue was large

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rendering the operation more troublesome and. in the

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insidiously and terminated the patient s life in three weeks four

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of Quercus vallouea and Q. Persica cotudsts chiefly

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in its substance. The uterus was then removed and after

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off a vessel the posterior communicating artery which unites the vertebral

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Dr. Cartier s description in the October number of the

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own notice at the St. Mary s Hospital and published

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a case of bronchopneumonia in which Brudzniski s neck

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their own and that writing them in English or in Lat

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the preferable one for when the forearm is flexed the

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and to its presence in the human body are attributed hcematochyluria and

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plications as ulmonary edema accidental liemt rrhage. and pneu

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of tents after the greatest antiseptic precautions and have had a

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oedematous the liquid as also the bronchial foam being

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cian and of his sagacity as a sanitarian have appeared in

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only a few minor disturbances. She may have the charac

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particular suspected dairymaid two residents at a farm at which she

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uterine mucosa. The glands situated in this area though not in

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in a litde cold water pour it into about half a pint of

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If all medicines could be administered in the form of hypodermic

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sleep and irregular meals undertake to encounter physical environ

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our review of the last edition viz. the treatment of in

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talis and strophanthus while it is also advisable to give

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very marked. The desire to go to stool was almost con

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place which is twenty two miles from Charleston was

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laryngitis will be distinguished by the more pronounced con

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for a considerable time to the action of the temperature of boiling

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ilances of productions from mucous membranes afterwards in

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his genius may have led him and of becoming a valued and


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