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the establishment and maintenance of special classes
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boracic acid lotion. Then on exploration a large rent was
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neys blood vessels brain etc. from the effects of the disease.
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emphasized the fact that after all medical officers
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quarter. From these considerations we infer that the
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of Surgeons as opposed to the democratic principles on
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Member and promised an endeavor so to conduct himself
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Buflea are not infrec uently observed. The inflammatory products consist of
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tional campaign was going on with great strides and that
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never fell below.V was generally but on the slightest
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Cerebral substance color of in relation to external
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to be proposed to that motion of Dr. Ogle. Tt e Council have
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fluid diminished liability to phthisis is characteristic of emphy
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putrefactive process. Under such conditions the vis con
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Hematocele of very long duration suppuration at the
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cautions the error is negligible. The method is therefore a most useful
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nable position as the most powerful aid in the development of pathological
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trated with lantern slides. The indications for curing a
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the unilateral form of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis in the literature and found
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The tongue is retained within the mouth. Artificial teeth both
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quently result from paralysis of the muscle of the stapes which effec
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beyond active congestion the post mortem evidences of which are
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tumn of. She was Buffering from a varicose condition


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