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graduated veterinarians. And men from the best colleges too

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semilunaris from the margin of the ribs to opposite

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iphy of the thoracic muscles. Ibis patient had all the

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profession and to the laity on account of his purity of life

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houses and tlie deticient sahiljrity of the homes ro

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had limitations. His opposition to Semmelweis was by no

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urination are slightly lengthened. The remainder of

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pression of the brain from some one of the cranial bones. In

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associates. While ascribing as I gratefully did to my good friends Dr.

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surrounded by a large area very oedematous and showing old and

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words fail to express the instantaneous and absolute

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habits can only be forestalled by healthy moral and

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that he follows the lines sufficiently well that he tui ns the pages

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to be performed in portions where the bowel was not easily

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this remedy produced a sutficiently notal le remission

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convinced that the inveterate deformities now seen in so

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This Dr. Lorenz emphasi cs is of utmost importance to obtain a good

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ously to interfere with the use of the blood count to

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sometimes a local irritant effect but this is probably due to arsenic

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right of preemption and the payment of a salary to the Attorney General.

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ticabk for general use. lie how ever urges the highest possible

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ing that accuracy is an important element in infant

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gion of the liver and in the right shoulder which he states to

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ne.xt considered. In the portrayal of melancholia we miss

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for a glass overturned a box of matches throwing half its contents

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by his friend the late Dr. Todd. He however returned to

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Oh allaphe nold canal in alisphenoid bone for passage

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vous system prevails and in chronic diarrhoea as also in the

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A hot water bag applied to the ear also aids. A hy

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nearly the only luxury of diet they indulge in. It is


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