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superior spine of ilium at the junction of its outer
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ulceration of the larynx as for example in hat Mhich originates in
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stove in a moment it will be ready for application may
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flow returned but it was scanty and continued so till
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he had operated on a patient in the hosnital where Dr.
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Perforating wounds of the cornea. The first step in the management of a
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Medical Officers of the Public Services. The medical
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sufficiently plain proof to induce the surgeons to carry
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mor and its outline was clearly discernible. Fluctuation
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ficial arteries. An abnormally strong pulsation in the peri
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radioscopy reveals also the small size of the heart in advanced phthisis.
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the morbid anatomy and clinical features of gout. It may be said
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generally benign and painless. In old people on the contrary the pain is
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operated for abdominal j regnancy at full term with a living child. In
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sometimes did not exist. The paper had borne out what had been
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morning before daylight six tlays after the tooth was ex
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operation the animal did not show the least sign of pain. Gave
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year in London at Middlesex Hospital by its regular surgical staff these
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disease recurs at the site of operation within a few weeks
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teresting points in which were the existence conjointly of
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Biennial Report of the Officers of the Vermont Asylum for
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healthy ova. Copulation serves merely to transfer these
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be given some form of nourishment during this period. Air Evacuation
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Issue and Results. When in either form of the disease recovery is
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be entertained it is perfectly proper to withhold the diagnosis
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Gorig observed one case in which the testis was consider
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fairs. In the course of a parliamentary investigation the
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tions had been made as to the heat production after
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of temperature. When taken from the pack the patient is to be wiped
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are much more prone to the disease. The influence of environment was never
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applied to be registered as a dentist and enclosed the
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LIVERPOOL Library of the Liverpool Medical Institu
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fied air is inadequate when used alone in many cases
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with a low power. The point to search for is die main
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the audiometer was good and air conduction testing indicated poor correction
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until such a time as the infection localizes itself in pelvic
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Rowlette s experiments were to a certain effect vitiated by the
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dilution of the disinfecting solution by the water of the
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origin of these particles from necrosed intestinal mucous meTnbrane. Thetifi
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bacilli first grow within the cells forming the sheath of one or


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