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form of lordosis exists in an unusually severe degree the
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ter of all classes of animals except swine shows a decrease of nearly
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A peculiar harsh dry barking reflex cough independent of any
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worm was wrapped a fine filament that appeared to be its alimentary canal.
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Porrett jun. Esq. Communicated by William Hyde WoUa
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while the warmth of the rest of the body is carefully kept up.
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any theory. While this descending type is the one most usually met
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There are legitimate channels for the discussion of medical questions
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from stimulating diet or beverage and from all excitement
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pressure. She has worn them for six days now and reports
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constitutional states and gynecological conditions many
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Tlie resolutions were finally passed after a long and
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between this and the transverse colon and its meso
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icine as in civilian medicine to specialize in order
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fifteen members was the tinal committee to make the
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complications and more fatal than the afebrile cases. Improve
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years of age a man of fine physique but of sluggish
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defined by the length breadth and depth of the vessel
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plicated condition of the whole subject Dr. Dorrance
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possess the power of killing it is possible that it may aspire to
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And. further that in direct proportion with the fluid
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sent themselves in the diagnosis of alcoholic coma.
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also frequent. Each must be treated individually the
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rence was not taking place in the clavicle. The meta
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he was appointed by Lieutenant Governor Gore as Lieutenant
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lelism of action between epinephrine and the sympathetic nervous sys
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series of resolutions that the Association take steps
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case died without fever or expectoration three weeks after
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Dust of various kinds the pollen of plants certain vapors gases smoke
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as described by Mulliken and in this way continuous use for a large
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Pseudo croup angina laryngea. Taryngite striduleuse Guersent
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Pulsatilla is indicated by almost complete loss or voice particularly
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Medical Dispensary Aviation and the medical section of the th Service
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on the outer side of the two adjoining ones. The ac
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from to per cent of fat. Fat however dissolves five times more


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