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fever and sore throat, unaccompanied by any eruption, and who,
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R. A. S. S. to umbilicus, and down to L. A. S. S. When
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Journal, from the president of the Albany Medical College, explanatory of
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of the spleen, which subsequently, us in phlebitis after renous tbtom-
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generally felt to be indications for open reduction. Clini-
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greater part about one-eighth of an inch in thickness; at the
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metabolism. Thus, the "nutritive plane" of the individual has been
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itself more or less distributed over the whole body. Neu-
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Illustrated with 248 engravings on wood, and six colored plates ;
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and 101.2°. He was quiet most of the day, and was eas-
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cannula being used on the last two occasions. From the cannula
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sory. The cases suitable for operation are those in which the
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there was no elevation of temperature and pulse rejnained normal.

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