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matters not whether the stools are frequent or infrequent neither does

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temporarily satisfactory compromise in passive homo

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dell Stiles chief of the Division of Zoology Hygienic

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educated where such has been appointed and el. ewherc to the Poor

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between the patient s shoulders close to the spine at the

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Arabian doctors took in the history of their science. The

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bled away from the ureters soiling the limbs and body of

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widely quoted and is indeed given in detail as a dislocation by

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internally. A convenient practice is to prescribe a five

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ease. In a survey conducted recently by the Enteric

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tried by what he witnessed in the operating theatre. Dr.

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The cut below is the one which illustrated this article.

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not disposed to believe it because transitions from a state of

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A regular action of the bowels must be maintained by suitable aperients.

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covered clamp is used to hold the bowel in position

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situation of the maximum of the murmur and the fact that t

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creted compounds. Digitalis and strophanthus are useful diuretics and

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facts inconvenient to his client by such means as he may be able

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thin layer of cotton wool this would prevent any possibility of

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sence is doubtless due to not enough leucocytes having been

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tically a bag full of fluid. With a good exposure no

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eased women. There are about prostitutes in this district under

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humerus and olecranon dislocation of radius backwards and of ulna inwards

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The Operations of Aural Surgery together with those for the relief of the

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relation with the crus cerebri a tumour of some other kind involving

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yellow atrophy of the liver. According to Mandel and Lusk this indicates

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as the resull of enlargement due to disease or w ere drawn

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of the malady by the consideration of clinical observations together with

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increase also of its firmness. When the disease is more advanced

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