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on the confines of organic life." What of Hiram Cor-

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the signs of consolidation have appeared in the right

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what has looked like a modified hyperpyrexia has set in, with

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that confusion and darkness which impress us so painfully at

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of patients to abstain from food at the beginning of

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pox on the 1st of December, 1881; and that, on the other hand, there

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the lesions are sufficiently deep to destroy the papillae. The extent and

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oxygen or carbon dioxid was passed into the solution. In all probability this

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cyst cavity occupying the central portion of the 3 temporal

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treatment were to be relied upon alone for this purpose. One of the difficul-

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eat bread, except in the sweat of his face. But no re-

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ened, closely adherent to the bone, and its cellular elements, rapidly

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were then dissected in batches, the stomachs of each batch

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tisation, chronic bronchitis), pulmonary artery, its valves at its

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Preventive local measures, belonging to sanitary police, have made this mo-

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losses of substance remain ; these are sometimes superficial, at othen

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give rise to a similarly constituted mass of trypanosomes in either

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there was also a shght increase in the thickness of the x-rayed patch.

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atrophy; diminution of hearing. Inunctions of mercury, later

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progressive, but while complete and lasting cures are rarities, if they

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trolling the examination, that the papers should be set by the Dominion and the examinations

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In order to appreciate the reason for this theory, let us turn for

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papilloma, which shows very well the cauliflower ap-

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tions, protest against the combination of lying-in and found-

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report which has recently been made public. A rigorous and lengthened quaran-

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Fig. 194. Physical examination in left croupous pneumonia.

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All observers since the time of Weiss have ascribed th

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perfect, but when the boy returned, on the third day,

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magnitude. Too energetic and ill-directed efforts are

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is laid upon these tables. The following is an example of

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important for physicians to encourage women to partici- |

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in his urine being half as much again as usual while he was

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ment was not entirely satisfactory in its results. In

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should be placed upon them. The operator swings his body back-

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this action upon the pulse, neither of these conditions can be accepted as grounds

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