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kidney and in all uric acid conditions, indigestion, catarrh of the stomach and bladder, blood

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teresting observations by Oehrwall, who, by the aid of a

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stomach thoroughly in the evening, and then to repeat the lavage the next

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degrees of immunity against abrin, ricin, and robin, vegetable

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tention to the anatomiod features of the pelvic bones,

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cerebellum, but no adhesions. Pons and medulla normal. Anterior base

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des Hopitaux, and composed of Professors of the Faculty and

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would attend the American Medical Association meeting.

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of varicella may almost always be traced; but all those infected,


even then this is not the rule. Indeed, so far as my experience

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Male mice given 40 mg/kg had a significantly higher incidence of hepato-

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12. Troyen A, Brennan TA. Incompetent patients with

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ile kosztuje urografia nerek

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of tiie metiiods, indications, and performance of tlie

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There was less swelling of the'' area about the mcision.

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too large doses will certainly aggravate, too small doses

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the same year, but also to the number of "clinical cases" in the

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1928. Gordon, Burgess L., Woman's Medical College of Pa.

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height of the lesion in the organ as pointed out in the preceding

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dies are to apply a poultice of roasted onions, or wash with

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ISih. — Very feeble; tremulous; unconscious; muttering delirium;

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In the third instance the woman was set. 45. A nodular and

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1 After the visit of Dr. Jacobi, the head-nurse takes the following notes on a sheet of paper :

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" Lateral Curvature," by Dr. E. H. Bradford, Boston.

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four or five months from acute facial neuralgia. All imaginable treatment (sulphate

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and the book is well indexed. Altogether this book is

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cause well-to-do people eat and drink too much. For

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olar damage without viral inclusion bodies or culture evi-

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kidney is considered the commonest; still there exist varie-

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else. Dr. Frank deserves much credit for attacking it in an off-hand

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never adulterated or of inferior quality, and such arti-

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