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painted on the wound a film of cotton wool is added and more

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that cold was painful to Um. Knee jerk wea abeaot nodon

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it to stand until cool crystals form. Stirring during cooling

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from casts and even the faintest trace of albumen and has remained

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Fixation of Tissues by Injection into the Arteries. By Burton D.

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such as we had hoped for. Sternberg reckons the amount

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potassium iodid iodin and alcohol or acetone. It occurs in bright yellow

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degrees when the rash comes out. In jthe rare cases in which serious

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Bennett argued that an empirical treatment derived from blind

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many of these instances it is nothing more than auto suggestion that is

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fections are two factors which must receive a large share

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ducing the tube an obstacle is presented by the false membrane lining the

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ness over the uterus and on each of these days a turpentine stupe

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ever as most must perish and be absorbed. Tait denies the

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toms of lesions in different parts of the cord may ap

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these. Nine of them with beds existed in the city. These

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prising that the majority of practitioners are prone to class

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squared yourself with the situation and that you know

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of several writers during the past year and and the field

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toms of gout comprise cases of headache which would now be

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him with a history of chronic trouble in her throat

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tion he cannot escape the responsibility imposed by a

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pages and gives the owner advantages in a variety of cases where

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determination of blood to the head as one of the principal and

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weather of autumn is corroborated by the observation of other practitioners in the

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retro pharynx is accomplished by two methods of exam

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caution this will sometimes happen from circumstances not to be fore

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turers and by a large assemblage of hospital students and

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of age whereas others claim it is the result of variooB

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sioners of Public Charities and Correction may estab

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properties of potatoes but excepting for slow worked farm

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depress the vertex and inferior extremities as much as

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and sometimes incurable consequences for the patient

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common chancre that he commenced a series of inoculations in

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can usually operate with deliberation under chloroform it is possible

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is true I would warn you from what may be called tra

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edge of the ulcer. When the crust is removed and the lesion cleaned

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